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13 Best Takeout Spots in Markham

13 Best Takeout Spots in Markham

Searching for the best takeout spots in Markham to grab lunch or dinner?

Markham is filled with tons of awesome takeout spots, whether you’re looking to grab lunch during work hours or dinner on your way home.

Here are some of the best takeout spots to visit in Markham, Ontario!

And if you’re searching for food spots in specific areas, check out my blog posts on the best restaurants in First Markham Place, Main Street Unionville, or Downtown Markham!

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Best takeout spots in Markham

Pitalicious in Markham, Ontario


Pitalicious is one of the best shawarma spots in Markham.

It’s not a fancy spot, but the food is absolutely incredible here.

I always grab the plates instead of the sandwiches ’cause they’re a lot less messy and easier to eat.

Be sure to grab some baklava for dessert as well!

LOCATION: 7605 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON

Shawarma Stop

Shawarma Stop is another awesome spot for shawarma in Markham.

They’re a family-run biz that’s been serving Durham Region for over a decade, and their Markham location is their second spot.

You can get everything from shawarma wraps, to shawarma plates, to even burgers and poutines.

You can also get a combo with fries and a pop!

LOCATION: 3150 Hwy 7, Markham, ON

Slice of Fire on Main Street Markham

Slice of Fire

You’ll find Slice of Fire right on historic Main Street, which is where the City of Markham originated!

They serve up some of the best and most incredible pizzas at their takeout window.

Menu from Slice of Fire on Main Street Markham

Go for something classic like their Margherita Pizza, or something more fun like their Sanchez Nachos Pizza topped with Doritos!

They’ve also got delish appetizers and pastries like their Spinach & Feta Rolls and Cheesy Garlic Bread.

LOCATION: 60 Main St N, Suite 5, Markham, ON

Chinese crispy burger from Bingz restaurant at First Markham Place in Markham, Ontario


Bingz is a fast casual restaurant chain based out of Beijing, and they serve up amazing Chinese crispy burgers.

The crispy burgers are what you should be coming for, but they also have some delicious noodle and wonton dishes, as well as some traditional Chinese drinks (try their Plum Cold Brew)!

They have 60 locations across China, and their First Markham Place location was their very first Canadian location.

There’s tons of seating at their FMP location!

They’ve now got a few locations in Toronto, including at Yorkdale Mall, Fairview Mall, and Scarborough Town Centre.

LOCATION: Unit 11 & 12, 3229 Hwy 7, Markham, ON

Crispy Shrimp Burger on beet bun from Hong Bo Burger & Poutine inside the First Markham Place food court in Markham, Ontario

Hong Bo Burger & Poutine

Feelin’ some Asian-inspired burgers and poutine?

Hong Bo is located inside the First Markham Place food court (by Tasty House), and they serve up dishes like their Kimchi Burger and Crispy Pork Poutine.

The most unique thing about this spot? Their house-made charcoal and beet burger buns – AKA black and pink buns!

You’ll definitely want to try their Crispy Shrimp Burger, it’s amaze.

LOCATION: 3255 Hwy 7 Unit 251, Markham, ON

Secret sauce Korean fried chicken from bb.q Chicken in Toronto

bb.q Chicken

bb.q Chicken is an incredible Korean fried chicken spot (AKA KFC), and you can find this famous South Korean chain in Downtown Markham.

They only use fresh chicken, and you can choose between a bunch of different flavours, including the classic Golden Fried or the popular Soy Garlic.

This famous KFC chain from South Korea has been around since 1995 (the same age as me!) and has over 2,000 locations worldwide.

The restaurant is quite spacious with a decent amount of seating, and they’ve even got a cute neon sign.

bb.q chicken Downtown Markham
Inside bb.q chicken’s Downtown Markham location.
bb.q Chicken menu
All the Korean fried chicken flavours at bb.q Chicken.

They’ve got over a dozen locations across Ontario, including two in Richmond Hill.

There’s a lot to do in Downtown Markham, so be sure to explore the neighbourhood after filling up your belly with KFC!

LOCATION: 8110 Birchmount Rd #1&2, Markham, ON

Takeout from Sung Won Korean Restaurant in Markham, Ontario

Sung Won Korean Restaurant

Sung Won is a friendly, family-owned Korean restaurant known for their generous banchan (side dish) portions.

You’ll find all the Korean comfort food classics like Pork Bone Soup and Bibimbap.

Adam’s go-to dish is the Bulgogi Dupbap, and I like to try something different every time we grab takeout here.

Their Chicken Katsu is really good, and it comes with a delish dipping sauce!

They’re a takeout-only spot, and all takeout comes with a generous portion of 4 different side dishes: potato salad (our fave), fish cakes, kimchi, and glass noodles.

LOCATION: 4431 Hwy 7, Unionville, ON

The Poke Box in Markham

The Poke Box

If you don’t know what poke is, it’s a Hawaiian dish of marinated fish usually paired with rice.

The non-traditional way of making poke includes all kinds of Japanese toppings like masago and nori, as well as all kinds of other toppings and sauces!

Poké bowl at The Poké Box Toronto
The Lava Blaze bowl from The Poke Box.

I pretty much always grab the Lava Blaze poke bowl at The Poke Box – it’s truly amazing.

You can find The Poke Box at Highway 7 & Woodbine, and they have a few other locations downtown and in Waterloo.

They’ve even got some cute and Instagrammable neon signs and a cool mural at their Markham location!

LOCATION: 3000 Hwy 7, Markham, ON

Poké bowls at Poké Guys Toronto

Poké Guys

Poké Guys is another one of my fave poké bowl spots in Toronto, and you can also find them in Downtown Markham.

You can choose between their signature bowls or build your own, and they have a nice selection of marinated raw tuna and salmon to choose from.

I pretty much always grab the Mauna Loa Poke Bowl, which is perfect for anyone who loves spice!

Poke Guys Markham

They’re super generous with their sashimi, and they have some of the best sauces for poké bowls.

Every so often, they also come out with fun creations, like their delicious salmon and tuna poke bombs!

Poke bombs from Poke Guys Toronto
Their limited edition poke bombs are stuffed inside tofu pockets.

Their Markham location has a few tables if you’re looking to dine-in, but it’s definitely more of a takeout spot.

Poke Guys in Markham, Ontario

You can also visit their other locations in downtown Toronto (near the Eaton Centre) or in Vaughan.

LOCATION: 8110 Birchmount Rd. Unit 10, Markham, ON

'ONO Poké Bar in Toronto's Liberty Village

‘ONO Poké Bar

If you love your torched sushi, you’ll definitely love the torched poké bowls at ‘ONO Poké Bar.

Both the ‘ONO Torched Salmon and Torched Ahi Tuna bowls are amazing, and they’ve even got poké bowls with BBQ eel or steak if you’re feelin’ fancy.

Poke bowls from 'Ono Poké Bar in Toronto

They’ve got a dozen signature poké bowls to choose from, or you can build your own bowl if you’d prefer!

‘ONO has a couple of locations across the Greater Toronto Area – my fave one is actually in Liberty Village, one of my fave neighbourhoods in Toronto.

LOCATION: 3603 Hwy 7, Markham, ON

Toyosu Markham

If you’re in the mood for actual sushi in Markham, you might want to visit Toyosu.

Their sashimi is super fresh and great quality, and they have tons of different sushi platters to choose from.

They also some donburi options, as well as a la carte sashimi, sushi, and pressed sushi options.

It’s a little bit pricy for takeout sushi, but it’s definitely worth it for the quality.

They’re actually only open from Friday through Sunday, and they close whenever they run out of fish.

You can find them inside the Langham Square Plaza above T&T, and you’ll also want to pre-order at least a day ahead!

LOCATION: 8339 Kennedy Rd. Unit 2660, Markham, ON

Yin Sushi Market at Langham Square in Markham

Yin Sushi Market

Yin Sushi Market is another fantastic takeout sushi spot, and you can find them in the Langham Square plaza.

Their menu is a little pricy for being just a takeout spot, but their sashimi is super fresh and their sushi is delicious!

Yin Sushi Market at Langham Square in Markham

You can choose from a bunch of different sashimi and sushi roll options, and we absolutely love their selection of torched sushi.

Our favourites are the Unagi Oshi Sushi, Salmon Oshi Sushi, and Torched Scallop Dragon Roll.

Yin Sushi Market at Langham Square in Markham

Their takeout packaging is also stunning, and they even decorate with little flowers!

If you’re looking to make your own sushi at home, they also sell fresh sashimi and other Japanese ingredients in-store.

And if you’re looking for a great coffee spot nearby, A Lot Coffee is an amazing coffee shop in the same plaza!

LOCATION: 30 South Unionville Ave. Unit 1023, Unionville, ON

Taro’s Fish

Taro’s is a small Japanese-style specialty fish shop in Markham serving up seafood products, as well as ingredients for you to make your own sushi at home.

They also have ready-made sushi you can pick up, and you can have sashimi prepared from your choice of fish available.

You can order online on their website ahead of time as well!

They’ve got two locations in Markham: one by Woodbine & Major Mackenzie, and one by Woodbine & Steeles.

LOCATION: Various locations

Best takeout spots in Markham:

  1. Pitalicious
  2. Shawarma Stop
  3. Slice of Fire
  4. Bingz
  5. Hong Bo Burger & Poutine
  6. bb.q Chicken
  7. Sung Won Korean Restaurant
  8. The Poke Box
  9. Poké Guys
  10. Ono Poké Bar
  11. Toyosu Markham
  12. Yin Sushi Market
  13. Taro’s Fish

These were some of the best takeout spots in Markham to grab lunch or dinner from!

After you’ve had your fill of delicious eats, there are plenty of fantastic walking and hiking trails in Markham to walk off your full belly.

Have you eaten at any of these takeout spots in Markham? What are some other great takeout places to grab food from in Markham? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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