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7 Best Bakeries in Markham

7 Best Bakeries in Markham

Looking to order sweet treats and confections from the best bakeries in Markham?

I was never much of a pastry person growing up, but I’ve definitely grown to love them as I’ve gotten older.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a sweet pastry for yourself or order a decadent birthday cake for a loved one, you’ll definitely want to visit these bake shops in Markham.

Here are some of the best bakeries to visit in Markham, Ontario!

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Best bakeries in Markham

Asian-inspired croissants from Bake Code Croissanterie in Toronto

Bake Code

Bake Code is run by the same people behind Chatime in Canada, and they make some of the best pastries and desserts here in Toronto.

A lot of their desserts are inspired by Asian flavours, including their macarons, chiffon cakes, croissants and more!

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They have some of the best croissants in Toronto, with flavours like Salted Egg, Mushroom Truffle, and Vietnamese Coffee.

They even have online ordering and delivery to make your life easier.

LOCATION: Various locations

Butter Baker

Butter Baker is a Toronto-based French bakery, and they’ve also got a location in Markham!

Find everything from croissants to chiffon cakes – heaven on earth for all of the baked goods.

Their soft serve is actually only available from April through October, and the flavours change up every month, including flavours like Strawberry Vanilla and Guava Vanilla.

Everything in their shop is handcrafted using natural ingredients and local Ontario dairy and free-run eggs.

LOCATION: 140 Amber St, Unit #10, Markham, ON

Cakes from Duo Pâtisserie & Café in Markham, Ontario

Duo Pâtisserie & Café

Duo is known for their French-inspired pastries with a Japanese twist, and they’ve got everything from classic pastries, to beautiful cakes, to chocolate bon bons.

They’ve also got all the classic espresso drinks, teas, and tea lattes if you’re looking to pair your treat with a drink.

Their patisserie is located by Highway 7 & Leslie in the same plaza as Congee Queen, and there’s minimal seating if you’re looking to enjoy your coffee and pastry inside.

Otherwise, stop by their adorable café location in Richmond Hill by Leslie & 16th!

LOCATION: 230 Commerce Valley Dr E, Markham, ON

Patisserie Fleur

Patisserie Fleur is another aesthetic bakery serving up French-inspired cakes.

Go for one of their mini cakes if you’re looking for an afternoon treat or pick up a large cake for a celebration.

They even do custom cakes if you’re looking to do something extra special for someone!

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If you’re looking to do afternoon tea, they offer afternoon tea takeout with 8 sweet and savoury pastries and a tea drink of your choice.

You can find their little bake shop in Downtown Markham!

LOCATION: 180 Enterprise Blvd, Unit 103, Markham, ON

Daan Go Cake Lab at Times Square plaza in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Daan Go Cake Lab

Daan Go is most well-known in Toronto for their adorable character macarons, but they’ve also got incredible cakes, cookies, ice cream, and even drinks!

Owner Christopher Siu first starred on season 2 of MasterChef Canada, and he came back for season 7 and won the title of MasterChef.

If you’re wondering what “daan go” means, it means “cake” in Cantonese!

They have a location at Times Square on the border of Markham and Richmond Hill, as well as a few other locations around the GTA.

LOCATION: 550 Hwy 7, Building C Unit 70, Richmond Hill, ON

VaVa Designer Cakes in Richmond Hill, Ontario

VaVa Designer Cakes

VaVa Designer Cakes is on the border of Markham and Richmond Hill, so we’ll include it in here anyway.

They’re known for their amazing chiffon cakes, which come in Asian-inspired flavours like taro and mango!

You can order one of their regular sized chiffon cakes for a celebration, or grab a box of their mini chiffon cakes to sample all the different flavours.

They also now have a location in North York, just south of Yonge & Steeles!

LOCATION: 330 Hwy 7, Unit 102A, Richmond Hill, ON

Honey Honey Cakery in Markham's Main Street Unionville

Honey Honey Cakery

Located in the heart of Main Street Unionville is this adorable little cake shop specializing in Asian-inspired thousand layer crepe cakes.

From their signature Honey Crepe Cake to their Taro Crepe Cake, they have a bunch of different flavours to choose from.

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They even have an 8-inch crepe cake featuring 10 slices of different flavours, if you’re looking for a lil’ variety!

They also serve up basque cakes, roll cakes, and chiffon cakes.

Grab their cake and coffee special and enjoy it on their lovely and large front patio.

LOCATION: 158 Main St Unionville, Unionville, ON

Best bakeries in Markham:

  1. Bake Code
  2. Butter Baker
  3. Duo Pâtisserie & Café
  4. Patisserie Fleur
  5. Daan Go Cake Lab
  6. VaVa Designer Cakes
  7. Honey Honey Cakery

These were some of the best bakeries to visit in Markham!

Have you visited any of these bake shops? What are the best bakeries you’ve visited in Markham? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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