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15 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Markham

15 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Markham

Searching for the best bubble tea spots in Markham?

With such a large Asian population of Markham, it’s of course the best place to grab bubble tea in the GTA.

There are so many different bubble tea shops to choose from, whether you’re looking for milk teas or fruit teas!

These are some of the best bubble tea shops to visit in Markham, Ontario.

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Best bubble tea spots in Markham

Bubble tea from Chatime in Downtown Markham


Chatime is definitely one of the most popular bubble tea spots in the GTA, and I was absolutely obsessed when they first opened in Toronto while I was in university.

The Chatime Signature Milk Tea is my go-to drink, but I also love their Thai Iced Tea.

You’ll also find delicious pastries and baked goods from Bake Code, a Euro-Asian bakery franchise owned by the same company behind Chatime!

Pastries from Bake Code in Markham, Ontario

Chatime has 5 locations in Markham, including in Downtown Markham and Markville Mall.

It’s actually the largest tea franchise in the world, and they’re originally based out of Taiwan!

If you’re interested in checking out Bake Code’s entire selection of pastries, visit their actual bakery location by Woodbine & 16th, which is in the same shop as Chatime!

LOCATION: Various locations

Bubble tea from The Alley Hub in Richmond Hill, Ontario

The Alley

The Alley is another global bubble tea franchise, and they’re known for their delicious brown sugar pearls and Instagrammable drinks.

Their shops are super Instagram-worthy as well!

The Alley bubble tea shop in North York, Toronto

The Aurora Series drinks are pretty gradient fruit teas in glass bottles, and the Brown Sugar Deerioca is my fave drink.

They have a ton of locations across the GTA, including two in Markham.

LOCATION: Various locations

Machi Machi

Machi Machi’s aesthetic is absolutely adorable, and their drinks are v pretty as well.

Some of their drinks even come in cute little bottled containers!

They’ve got some pretty unique drinks, like their Fresh Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta (made with real strawberries)!

LOCATION: 3985 Hwy 7 E Suite 105, Markham, ON

Iced Taro Storm from Comebuy in Markham


This Taiwanese brand uses an espresso machine to brew their teas to order, and you can choose from classic milk teas, lattes, and more.

They have a bunch of sample tea tins at the counter so you can smell each of their teas before ordering!

Comebuy Original Bubble Milk Tea and Neptune Milk Tea from Comebuy in Downtown Markham

We love their Neptune Green Tea (which is deliciously sweet), Comebuy Original Bubble Milk Tea (with tapioca and crystal jelly), and Iced Taro Storm (pretty much a taro slush).

They’ve closed off the seating in their shop, so it’s takeout-only, but you can grab your drinks and walk around Downtown Markham!

They’ve also got a location in North York by Yonge & Sheppard.

LOCATION: 8110 Birchmount Rd #4, Markham, ON

Gong Cha bubble tea in Calgary, Alberta

Gong Cha

Gong Cha is a Taiwanese bubble tea franchise with over 1,000 stores worldwide, and they’ve got a location at New Kennedy Square in Markham.

I actually tried it for the first time while in Hong Kong several years ago, though they were already in the GTA at that time!

LOCATION: 8380 Kennedy Rd Unit #C7, Unionville, ON

Cheesy Marble Boba Latte from Yang Teashop in Markham

Yang Teashop

Yang Teashop is all about the tea, and you can get everything from steeped tea, to tea lattes (made with organic milk), to milk teas!

They import tea leaves and brown sugar from Taiwan, and they make their own tapioca using the brown sugar.

Adam and I love their Cheesy Marble Boba Latte – it’s so sweet and delicious!

They even have lil’ puppy lattes available for your doggo friends made with fresh cream, milk, and mango.

Their Markham location is right by Woodbine & Highway 7, and it’s got gorgeous minimal and industrial vibes, perfect for if you’re looking for an Instagrammable spot to visit.

Yang Teashop in Markham

It’s quite spacious, and each of their tables has an outlet if you’re looking for a cute spot to work or study out of!

You can also find them downtown near Bay & Dundas and in North York near Yonge & Finch.

LOCATION: 8570 Woodbine Ave D3, Markham, ON

Mango Pomelo Taro Ball from M Chá Bar in Markham, Ontario

M Chá Bar

We actually discovered M Chá Bar when we went to Night It Up! in Downtown Markham, and we absolutely loved their Mango Pomelo Taro Ball.

They’ve got a lot of unique drinks on their menu, like their Soybean Creama Milk Tea and Strawberry Cheesecake Créme Brûlée!

Their fruit teas are made with fresh fruit and no artificial flavours or additives, and they use local organic milk in their dairy drinks.

Their toppings are also handcrafted, which is probably why they taste so dang good!

LOCATION: 3621 Highway 7 Unit 122, Markham, ON

Jakeman's Maple Milk Tea from Palgong Tea in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Palgong Tea

This wildly popular bubble tea spot in South Korea opened up shop in Toronto several years ago.

They’ve now got over a dozen locations across the GTA, including one in Markham at Metro Square.

All of their teas are brewed using real tea leaves, and they’ve got unique options like their Mint Chocolate Milk Tea and their Black Sugar Milk Tea.

Their Jakeman’s Maple Milk Tea is heavenly, but definitely get it less sweet if you don’t have a big sweet tooth!

They also label whatever is lactose-free or caffeine-free on the menu, which is really nice.

“Palgong” in Korean means 80, which is what Palgong Tea says it the ideal temperature in celsius to brew teas!

LOCATION: 3636 Steeles Ave E #125, Markham, ON

Hulk bubble tea drink at Mr. Sun Tea at Pacific Mall in Markham

Mr. Sun Tea

Adam and I randomly stumbled across Mr. Sun Tea while strolling through Pacific Mall, and it was such a good find.

We loved the Hulk, which was a combination of Uji matcha and milk foam.

They started out in Taiwan in 1999, and they’re well-known for their handmade tapioca!

Their tapioca comes in a bunch of different fruity flavours, and they only have a small selection of different flavours each day because they’re made fresh.

You can find their Markham location inside Pacific Mall, and they’ve also got a location at Yonge & Finch!

LOCATION: 4300 Steeles Ave E D60, Markham, ON

Taro Milk Tea and Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea from CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in Markham, Ontario

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

CoCo is a super popular Taiwanese bubble tea franchise that’s been around for over two decades.

They’ve got over 4,000 stores worldwide, including 50 stores here in Ontario!

They were actually one of the first major bubble tea franchises to open up shop here in Toronto back in 2014.

Strawberry Black Tea Macchiato from CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in Markham, Ontario

My go-to order is usually the Red Bean Matcha Milk Tea (it’s amaze), but I love trying other fun new drinks they have, like their Strawberry Black Tea Macchiato.

Their Taro Milk Tea is also my fave out of any bubble tea shops in the GTA!

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in Markham, Ontario

I do find that CoCo makes their drinks pretty sweet, so definitely ask for less sweetness if you’re not a fan of super sweet bubble tea.

They’ve got 4 locations you can visit in Markham, including by Highway 7 & Warden and at New Kennedy Square.

LOCATION: Various locations

Mango Coconut Taro Balls from Shuyi Tealicious in Markham, Ontario

Shuyi Tealicious

Shuyi is a bubble tea chain from Chengdu, and they’ve got all kinds of delicious fruit teas and milk teas.

If you love ingredients like grass jelly and taro balls, you’ll definitely love the drink selection at Shuyi!

Mango Coconut Taro Balls from Shuyi Tealicious in Markham, Ontario

From their Mango Coconut Taro Balls to their Strawberry Cheese Green Tea, they’ve got plenty of fruity drink options to choose from.

They have over 7000 locations worldwide, with 10 locations in Ontario, including two in Markham!

LOCATION: Various locations

Fresh Taro Pearl Fresh Milk from Cuppa Tea, a Hong Kong-style café and bubble tea spot in Toronto

Cuppa Tea

I actually discovered Cuppa Tea for their HK coffee milk tea, and I had no idea they even had bubble tea.

They serve up Hong Kong-style drinks and desserts like HK milk tea (dong lai cha), egg waffles (gai dan zhai), and pineapple buns (bolo bao).

I die for their Fresh Taro Pearl Fresh Milk (with mashed taro!) and Amber Pearl Fresh Milk.

Their milk tea is made without artificial flavours or powders, and it’s made completely from scratch!

You can find their Markham location at Langham Square.

They’re actually based out of Hong Kong, and they’ve been around since 1952!

LOCATION: 28 South Unionville Ave #1036, Markham, ON


This Taiwanese franchise teahouse is all about bubble tea, fruit tea, and slushes, and they brew their tea using high-end espresso machines!

The Hokkaido Milk Tea is usually my go-to drink here, but I always love trying the seasonal drinks as well.

Presotea has locations across the GTA and Canada, with two in Markham!

LOCATION: Various locations

Ten Ren's Tea, Richmond Hill

Ten Ren’s Tea

Perhaps one of the oldest bubble tea shops out of this entire list (founded in Taiwan in the 1950s), Ten Ren’s has been in the GTA for quite a long time.

They’ve got a tea shop inside Markville Mall, or a restaurant at McCowan & Bur Oak where you can get tea-flavoured food items alongside your bubble tea!

They’ve also got two restaurant locations in Richmond Hill, and you can even buy their teas in-store to take home with you.

LOCATION: Various locations

Taro Milk Tea from ZenQ Markham


ZenQ is a Taiwanese dessert chain serving up everything from grass jelly desserts, to tofu pudding, to bubble teas.

Their Taro Milk Tea is pretty good, and it’s made with actual taro!

You’ll also find Taiwanese savoury snacks like Salty Crispy Chicken and Taiwanese Sausage, perfect for pairing with your sweet bubble teas.

They’ve got multiple locations across the GTA, including two in Markham!

They’ve also renovated both of their Markham restaurants to be more cute and ~Instagrammable~.

LOCATION: Various locations

Best bubble tea spots in Markham:

  1. Chatime
  2. The Alley
  3. Machi Machi
  4. Comebuy
  5. Gong Cha
  6. Yang Teashop
  7. M Chá Bar
  8. Palgong Tea
  9. Mr. Sun Tea
  10. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
  11. Shuyi Tealicious
  12. Cuppa Tea
  13. Presotea
  14. Ten Ren’s Tea
  15. ZenQ

These were some of the best bubble tea spots in Markham to visit!

Have you been to any of these bubble tea spots? What are your favourite bubble tea shops in Markham? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Best bubble tea spots in Markham, Ontario

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