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12 Best Chinese Restaurants in Markham

12 Best Chinese Restaurants in Markham

Searching for the best Chinese restaurants in Markham to visit?

Fun fact: Markham has a 45% Chinese population according to a 2016 census, so you can bet you’ll find some of the best Chinese food here.

Whether you’re craving dim sum or Hong Kong café food, there are plenty of incredible Chinese restaurants in Markham.

Here are some of the best Chinese restaurants to check out in Markham, Ontario!

And if you’re searching for restaurants in specific areas, check out my blog posts on the best restaurants in First Markham Place, Main Street Unionville, or Downtown Markham!

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Best Chinese restaurants in Markham

Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario

Good Catch Bar & Café

Good Catch started out as a seafood restaurant and sports bar years ago, and they now also serve up Hong Kong-style fare at their massive restaurant in Downtown Markham.

We especially love any of their dishes with satay beef or curry!

Adam pretty much always goes for the Pineapple Bun with Satay Beef & Egg, but here’s the Pineapple Bun with Pork Chop & Peanut Butter, which is also really good.

Good Catch Bar & Cafe in Downtown Markham, Ontario

Their double cheese baked dishes are amazing as well – you can choose between either rice or spaghetti for them.

Tomato Cutlet Pork Chop Double Cheese Baked Spaghetti from Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario
The Tomato Cutlet Pork Chop Double Cheese Baked Spaghetti is one of my faves.
Toast with Satay Beef and Egg at Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario
The Toast with Satay Beef and Egg is simple yet delicious.

You’ll also find unique fusion dishes you won’t find at any other HK cafés, like their Sakura Shrimp and Chicken Fried Rice or their Prawn and Truffle Scrambled Eggs on Rice.

They’ve also got some unique brunch dishes, like their Crab Cake Benedict and Charcoal Toast with Milo Condensed Milk.

Most of their HK dishes actually come with a combo drink, and we love their Hong Kong-style Milk Tea, which you can have either iced or hot!

Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario

If you’re craving western-style seafood dishes instead, you can grab dishes like lobster rolls to enjoy with local craft beer.

The Shrimp Toast is pretty good (though doesn’t have much shrimp), and it comes with either potato salad or fries.

Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario

The restaurant is divided between the sports bar and HK café, but you can order from either menu on either side of the restaurant!

I love how both sides of the restaurant have totally different vibes – the sports bar is more bright and open, while the HK café side is more cozy and intimate.

We prefer the café side during the day (bright and cozy) and the sports bar side at night (colourful lights and moody vibes)!

LOCATION: 179 Enterprise Blvd #109, Unionville, ON

Cafe De Hong Kong

If you can’t get enough of Hong Kong cafés (also known as cha chaan teng in Cantonese), you’ll definitely want to check out Cafe De Hong Kong, another great spot in Markham.

You can enjoy classic Hong Kong café faves like baked rice dishes and curry.

You’ll definitely want to try one of their unique pineapple bun burgers, with options like their Signature Foie Gras & Black Truffle Pineapple Bun or their Fried Chicken & Grilled Pineapple on Pineapple Bun.

Pro-tip: it gets quite busy in the restaurant, so be sure to join the Yelp waitlist ahead of time!

If you’re in the mood for a coffee fix afterwards, head over to The Library Specialty Coffee in the same plaza for some of the best coffee in Markham.

LOCATION: 11 Fairburn Dr Unit 12-15, Markham, ON

New City Restaurant

Stop into this long-standing Markham restaurant for a no-nonsense and very authentic Hong Kong café experience.

From baked rice and spaghetti dishes to noodle soups, you’ll find all the classic Hong Kong café dishes at New City.

You also get a free drink and soup with your meal, which is really nice!

The restaurant gets quite busy, so be sure to arrive outside of peak hours to avoid a long wait.

LOCATION: 8392 Kennedy Rd, Unionville, ON

Good Taste Casserole Rice

Located in the same plaza as New City is this Markham hotspot specializing in claypot rice.

You can choose from a variety of options, including their Four Treasures Rice with preserved meat, preserved duck, BBQ eel, and BBQ pork.

All of their casserole rice dishes range from $10.99 to $12.99 and are served with veggies, soup of the day, and a soft drink, so the deals are pretty good!

Aside from their hearty casserole rice dishes, you can also find some rice noodle rolls and soup options.

If you’re not up for dining in, you can easily order takeout on their website.

Take note that they only accept cash, so be sure to have that on-hand!

They’ve also got locations in Scarborough and North York.

LOCATION: 8392 Kennedy Rd a9, Unionville, ON

The Noodle Bar in Markham

The Noodle Bar

If you’re a noodle lover, you absolutely need to visit this popular Cantonese noodle spot in Markham.

How it works here is that you can completely customize your noodle bowls, from the noodles, to the toppings, to the sauces.

Toppings include things like slow cooked beef brisket, braised pig feet, and curry fish balls.

They also have house specials, and I always go for the Special Bowl or House Special Lo Mein!

Their meats are marinated and cooked to perfection and their broths paired with their sauces are so dang good.

The restaurant is always packed, so be sure to arrive before or after peak lunch or dinner hours to avoid waiting in line!

You can also easily order takeout on their website, and orders are pretty quick to prepare.

Take note that they only accept debit or cash and don’t take credit cards.

You can also now visit their new location in Scarborough!

LOCATION: 3603 Hwy 7 #106, Markham, ON

Big Beef Bowl

Big Beef Bowl is another incredible noodle spot in Markham, and they serve up traditional Lanzhou-style hand-pulled noodles.

From their Braised Beef Brisket to their Clear Broth Brisket Noodle, they’ve got a variety of delicious noodle dishes featuring their perfectly-chewy, handmade noodles.

If you love spice, you absolutely need to try their chilli oil – it’s amaze, and you can even buy a jar to take home with you.

You can also find Cantonese dishes like claypot rice, congee, and rice noodle rolls on the menu!

LOCATION: 8362 Kennedy Rd, Unionville, ON

Yin Ji Chang Fen in Markham

Yin Ji Chang Fen

This Guangzhou-based restaurant chain is all about rice noodle rolls, and they’ve actually been around since the ’50s.

They’ve got tons of delicious rice noodle roll options, including their classic Dough Stick Rice Noodle Roll and their Marinaded Pork & Shrimp with Chives Rice Noodle Roll.

If you haven’t had steamed rice noodle rolls before, they’re kinda like savoury rice crepes stuffed with filling.

They’re perfectly chewy and soft, and the sweet soy sauce makes them so addicting!

You can also find a bunch of congee dishes on the menu, as well as Cantonese dishes like curry fish balls and dim sum.

They have two locations you can visit in Markham: across from Markville Mall and by Warden & Steeles.

You can also find Yin Ji Chang Fen downtown in Chinatown, in North York, and in Mississauga!

LOCATION: Various locations

Congee Queen Restaurant in Markham

Congee Queen

This local Chinese chain restaurant is known for its Cantonese dishes and of course, congee.

If you haven’t had congee before, it’s a Chinese rice porridge, and many parts of Asia have their own versions of it.

You’ll find plenty of congee options with all kinds of different ingredients, whether you’re in the mood for seafood or meat!

Congee Queen Restaurant in Markham

They’ve also got a massive menu with classic Cantonese favourites like BBQ Duck, Stir Fried Lobster with Ginger & Green Onion, and Stir Fried Clam with Chili Black Bean Sauce.

They’ve now got 9 locations across the GTA, with 3 locations in Markham: Highway 7 & Leslie, Highway 7 & McCowan, and Don Mills & Steeles.

Their Thornhill restaurant at Don Mills & Steeles is actually their flagship restaurant!

LOCATION: Various locations

New Century Restaurant

If you’re looking for the best dim sum in Markham, you’ll definitely have to check out New Century Restaurant.

They specialize in Chiuchow cuisine, which is known for its lighter seafood and vegetarian dishes.

Enjoy classic dim sum dishes like siu mai and steamed chicken feet, or go for one of their seafood sets featuring lobster or crab.

You can find them in the New Century plaza by Warden & Steeles!

LOCATION: 398 Ferrier St, Markham, ON

Xin Jiang Restaurant

Stop into Xin Jiang Restaurant in Markham for authentic flavours from all over China.

From spicy Szechuan dishes, to spiced BBQ skewers, to westernized dishes like General Tso’s Chicken, you’ll find a variety of delicious items on the menu.

Everything on their menu is also halal, which is great for my friends who eat halal!

They also offer a ton of pretty great weekday lunch specials ranging from $11.49 to $14.99.

LOCATION: 3636 Steeles Ave E Unit 106, Markham, ON

Beef Skewers from Chat Bar in Main Street Unionville, Markham
Beef skewers from Chat Bar.

Chat Bar

Chat Bar is an izakaya-style Chinese spot known for their chuan’r (AKA Chinese skewers), and you can find them on bustling Main Street Unionville.

It’s the perfect spot to grab savoury skewers and beer, and they’re even open late.

They have all kinds of delicious meat and veggie skewer options (try their lamb skewers), plus other Chinese comfort food options.

Grilled Scallops from Chat Bar in Main Street Unionville, Markham
Charcoal Grilled Scallop from Chat Bar.

If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll definitely want to try their mouthwatering Charcoal Grilled Scallop.

They’re topped with a delicious garlicky sauce, which you can slurp alongside the noodles!

You can find Chat Bar in Markham, as well as in Scarborough, North York, and Downtown Toronto.

LOCATION: 187 Main St, Unionville, ON

Chinese crispy burger from Bingz restaurant at First Markham Place in Markham, Ontario


Have you ever had Chinese fast food before?

Bingz is a fast casual restaurant chain based out of Beijing, and they serve up amazing Chinese crispy burgers.

The crispy burgers are what you should be coming for, but they also have some noodle and wonton dishes, as well as some traditional Chinese drinks (try their Plum Cold Brew)!

They have over 140 locations across China, and you can find their first-ever Canadian restaurant at First Markham Place.

They’ve also now got locations inside Yorkdale Mall and Fairview Mall!

LOCATION: Unit 11 & 12, 3229 Hwy 7, Markham, ON

Best Chinese restaurants in Markham:

  1. Good Catch Bar & Café
  2. Cafe De Hong Kong
  3. New City Restaurant
  4. Good Taste Casserole Rice
  5. The Noodle Bar
  6. Big Beef Bowl
  7. Yin Ji Chang Fen
  8. Congee Queen
  9. New Century Restaurant
  10. Xin Jiang Restaurant
  11. Chat Bar
  12. Bingz

These were some of the best Chinese restaurants to visit in Markham!

Have you tried any of these Chinese restaurants in Markham? What are some other great Chinese restaurants worth trying in Markham? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Best Chinese restaurants in Markham

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