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7 Best Restaurants at First Markham Place

7 Best Restaurants at First Markham Place

Hungry and looking for the best First Markham Place restaurants to eat at?

I’ve been coming to First Markham Place (known as FMP by all my friends) since I was a kid, and it’s definitely changed quite a lot over the years.

The giant Cineplex here used to be a hotspot on weekends before Netflix came into the picture, and the mall used to be the spot to grab bubble tea in Markham before all the bubble tea chains came along.

Even with all the changes over the years, it’s still a fantastic place to grab food, and the parking lot is pretty much always packed during lunch and dinner hours.

If you’re looking for places to eat in Markham, here are the best restaurants inside First Markham Place to eat at!

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Best First Markham Place restaurants

Chinese crispy burger from Bingz restaurant at First Markham Place in Markham, Ontario


Bingz is a fast casual restaurant chain based out of Beijing, and they serve up amazing Chinese crispy burgers.

The crispy burgers are what you should be coming for, but they also have some noodle and wonton dishes, as well as some traditional Chinese drinks (try their Plum Cold Brew)!

They have 60 locations across China, and you can find their first Canadian restaurant at First Markham Place, with plenty of seating inside.

LOCATION: Unit 11 & 12, 3229 Hwy 7, Markham, ON

Korean food from Owl of Minerva Restaurant in Toronto

The Owl of Minerva

If you’re looking for authentic Korean food in Markham, you’ll need to visit Owl of Minerva.

Owl is a Korean restaurant chain based in Toronto that’s been around for around two decades now, and they have a few locations across the GTA!

Their Kamjatang (pork bone soup) and Kalbi (BBQ short ribs) are my faves to order, but everything on their menu is amazing.

You can visit their Markham location at First Markham Place.

LOCATION: 3229 Hwy 7 #7b, Markham, ON

Brown Donkatsu restaurant at First Markham Place in Markham, Ontario

Brown Donkatsu

Brown Donkatsu is the spot to satisfy your katsu craving in Markham.

They’re actually a chain based out of South Korea, and they make Korean-style katsu.

If you don’t know what katsu is, it’s a Japanese dish of deep-fried meat coated in panko bread crumbs, and it’s absolutely delicious.

Especially when it’s stuffed with cheese, which you can find at Brown Donkatsu.

They actually make their own bread crumbs in-house, and their signature brown sauce comes in different levels of spicy.

They’ve also got a location in North York!

If you’re looking for even more Korean eats, check out my post on the best Korean restaurants in Toronto.

LOCATION: 3235 Hwy 7 #22, Markham, ON

Mabu Generation

If you’re in the mood for Taiwanese food, you’ll definitely want to eat at Mabu Generation.

From Taiwanese Style Popcorn Chicken to Taiwanese Style BBQ Sausage, you’ll find all the best Taiwanese street eats and other delicious bites on the menu.

If you’re looking for a heartier meal, they’ve got plenty of mini hot pot options alongside rice and noodle dishes.

They’ve even got Taiwanese drinks and desserts like bubble tea, ice cream cube toast, and dessert bowls with grass jelly, taro balls, and sago.

LOCATION: 3235 Hwy 7 #23-26, Markham, ON

KAKA All You Can Eat sushi restaurant in Toronto

KaKa All You Can Eat

If you’re looking for the best all-you-can-eat (AYCE) sushi in Markham, KAKA is it.

Just because you’re eating AYCE, doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on quality.

They have everything from donburi, to maki rolls, to torched and pressed sushi, and it’s all amaze.

You’ll find them at First Markham Place, and pricing is $34.95 per adult on weekdays and $37.95 on weekends and holidays.

They also have a location in downtown Toronto on Bay Street!

LOCATION: 3235 Hwy 7 #18A, Markham, ON

IKON Sushi Bar & Lounge at First Markham Centre in Markham, Ontario

IKON Sushi Bar & Lounge

IKON is actually located at First Markham Centre right behind First Markham Place, but we’ll include it in here anyway.

They’re known for having fresh and delicious sashimi, which you can have in one of their platters or in their donburi (rice bowls).

Try their IKON Chirashi Don – it features the chef’s selection of cubed sashimi with tamago, cucumber, ikura, and ponzu sauce!

If you’re looking for rolls, try their Supreme Roll with otoro and uni, or their Spikon Roll, which features a salted egg sauce.

They also wrap their takeout in fabric, a Japanese method called furoshiki, so you can keep it and reuse it for other things!

LOCATION: 11 Fairburn Dr. Unit 20, Markham, ON

The Poke Box in Markham

The Poke Box

The Poke Box is also not actually at First Markham Place – it’s right across the street from it.

If you haven’t had poke bowls before, it’s kinda like sushi in a bowl.

I usually grab the Lava Blaze bowl at The Poke Box – it’s absolutely amazing!

Poké bowl at The Poké Box Toronto
The Lava Blaze bowl from The Poke Box.

You can also find two super cute neon signs at their Markham location, which makes for some v nice Instagram photos!

LOCATION: 3000 Hwy 7, Markham, ON

Best First Markham Place restaurants:

  1. Bingz
  2. The Owl of Minerva
  3. Brown Donkatsu
  4. Mabu Generation
  5. KaKa All You Can Eat
  6. IKON Sushi Bar & Lounge
  7. The Poke Box

Of course, you can always just go inside the food court to get a quick, affordable, and delicious meal.

But if you’re in the mood to dine in at a restaurant, these were some of the best restaurants at First Markham Place to eat at!

Taro milk tea and curry fish balls from First Markham Place food court in Markham, Ontario
Taro milk tea and curry fish balls from the First Markham Place food court. Yum.

After eating all of the delicious eats at First Markham Place, you can walk it all off at one of York Region’s many nice trails, quite a few of which are in Markham.

If you’re looking for more great areas in Markham to visit, you have to visit Downtown Markham – they’ve also got plenty of awesome restaurants worth visiting!

Have you been to any of these restaurants at First Markham Place? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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