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7 Best Restaurants in Downtown Markham

7 Best Restaurants in Downtown Markham

On the hunt for the best restaurants in Downtown Markham to eat at?

Downtown Markham is probably my favourite spot in Markham – it’s a beautiful area, and there are so many great restaurants and food spots.

There’s even a carousel here if you’re looking to go on a spontaneous merry-go-round ride.

Whether you’re looking for casual food spots or fancier restaurants, here are some of the best restaurants to eat at in Downtown Markham!

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Best restaurants in Downtown Markham

Lucullus Bakers & Roasters in Downtown Markham, Ontario

Lucullus Bakers & Roasters

Lucullus is a Hong Kong-style bakery serving up all your fave Hong Kong bites and drinks, and they’ve also got freshly-made steamed rice boxes and dim sum.

They bake their pastries and cakes fresh daily, and you’ll find classic HK pastries like Egg Tarts and BBQ Pork Buns, as well as more modern takes like their Deep Fried Crab Buns!

Hong Kong-style pastries from Lucullus Bakers & Roasters in Downtown Markham, Ontario
Omega-3 Egg Tart, Spinach and Feta Croissant, and Curry Pastry from Lucullus.

For drinks, they’ve got authentic Hong Kong-style milk tea (also known as lai cha in Cantonese) as well as pre-made drinks with ingredients like red bean, black sesame, and walnuts.

The interior of their Downtown Markham space is also gorgeous, with plenty of eclectic decor pieces and cool industrial details.

You can find them in Downtown Markham, and they’ve also got three other locations in Markham, Richmond Hill, and North York.

They’ve actually been around since the early 90’s, though I didn’t discover them myself until they came to Downtown Markham!

LOCATION: 169 Enterprise Blvd, Unionville, ON

Poké bowl at Poké Guys Toronto

Poke Guys

Poke Guys is one of my fave poke bowl spots in Toronto, and you can also find their takeout-style restaurant in Downtown Markham.

You can choose between their signature bowls or build your own, and they have a nice selection of marinated raw tuna and salmon to choose from.

I pretty much always go for their Mauna Loa Poke Bowl – it’s perfect for anyone who loves spice!

Mauna Loa Poke Bowl from Poke Guys Markham
The Mauna Loa Poke Bowl is my go-to at Poke Guys.

They’re super generous with their sashimi, and they have some of the best sauces for poke bowls.

Every so often, they also come out with fun creations, like their delicious salmon and tuna poke bombs!

Poke bombs from Poke Guys Toronto
Their limited edition poke bombs are stuffed inside tofu pockets.

They also have locations in downtown Toronto (near the Eaton Centre) and in Vaughan.

LOCATION: 8110 Birchmount Rd Unit 10, Markham, ON

Secret sauce Korean fried chicken from bb.q Chicken in Toronto

bb.q Chicken

Where have you been if you haven’t tried Korean fried chicken yet?

Korean fried chicken has taken over Toronto by storm in recent years, and you can find this famous KFC chain from South Korea right in Downtown Markham.

They only use fresh chicken, and you can choose between a bunch of different flavours, including the classic Golden Fried or the popular Soy Garlic flavour.

Korean fried chicken is probably my favourite style of fried chicken – it’s crispy, flavourful, and oh-so-delicious!

bb.q chicken Downtown Markham
Inside bb.q chicken’s Downtown Markham location.

The restaurant is quite spacious with a decent amount of seating, and they’ve even got a cute neon sign.

They’ve got a bunch of locations across Ontario, including two in Richmond Hill!

bb.q Chicken menu
All the Korean fried chicken flavours at bb.q Chicken.

This famous KFC chain from South Korea has actually been around since 1995 (the same age as me!), and they’ve got over 2,000 locations worldwide.

LOCATION: 8110 Birchmount Rd #1&2, Markham, ON

Draco Markham

Enjoy Canadian-inspired cuisine and craft cocktails at this swanky spot inside the Toronto Marriott Markham.

Since they’re inside the hotel, they’re open early for breakfast every single day, if you’re an early bird and in the mood for upscale brunch bites!

For brunch, you can enjoy their Ontario Maple Bourbon French Toast (on Challah bread with bourbon maple syrup), and for dinner, you can try their Draco Brisket Burger or Lobster Grilled Cheese (on Challah bread!)

They’ve got a gorgeous interior with cozy dining booths and pops of purple, and they even have an outdoor terrace patio during the summer months.

LOCATION: 170 Enterprise Blvd, Markham, ON

Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario

Good Catch Bar & Café

Originally a seafood restaurant and sports bar, Good Catch now also serves up Hong Kong-style fare at their massive restaurant in Downtown Markham.

We especially love any of their dishes with satay beef or curry!

Adam pretty much always goes for the Pineapple Bun with Satay Beef & Egg, but here’s the Pineapple Bun with Pork Chop & Peanut Butter, which is also really good.

Good Catch Bar & Cafe in Downtown Markham, Ontario

Their double cheese baked dishes are amazing as well – you can choose between either rice or spaghetti for them!

Tomato Cutlet Pork Chop Double Cheese Baked Spaghetti from Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario
The Tomato Cutlet Pork Chop Double Cheese Baked Spaghetti.
Toast with Satay Beef and Egg at Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario
The Toast with Satay Beef and Egg is simple yet delicious.

You’ll also find unique dishes you won’t find at any other HK cafés, like their Sakura Shrimp and Chicken Fried Rice or their Prawn and Truffle Scrambled Eggs on Rice!

They’ve also got some unique brunch dishes, like their Crab Cake Benedict and Charcoal Toast with Milo Condensed Milk.

Most of their HK dishes actually come with a combo drink, and we love their Hong Kong-style Milk Tea, which you can have iced or hot!

Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario

If you’re craving western-style seafood dishes instead, you can grab dishes like lobster rolls to enjoy with local craft beer.

The Shrimp Toast is pretty good (though doesn’t have much shrimp), and it comes with either potato salad or fries.

Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario

The restaurant is divided between the sports bar and HK café, but you can order from either menu on either side of the restaurant!

I love how both sides of the restaurant have totally different vibes – the sports bar is more bright and open, while the HK café side is more cozy and intimate.

We prefer the café side during the day (bright and cozy) and the sports bar side at night (colourful lights and moody vibes)!

If you’re looking for even more great Chinese spots to dine at, check out my post on the best Chinese restaurants in Markham.

LOCATION: 179 Enterprise Blvd #109, Unionville, ON

Lanna Cuisine

Lanna serves up amazing and authentic Thai dishes from Northern Thailand, and you can find them right in Downtown Markham.

They’ve got all the classic faves like Green Curry and Pad Thai, plus some other dishes I haven’t seen anywhere else like their Turmeric Fried Shrimp and Massanman Curry Lamb Shanks.

They also serve up fresh seafood dishes including Dungeness crab and lobster – try their signature curry flavoured crab or lobster to share with friends or family!

Note that they’re only open for dinner if you’re planning a visit.

LOCATION: 170 Enterprise Blvd Unit J105, Unionville, ON

Kiu Japanese Restaurant

Craving some sushi while you’re in Downtown Markham?

Kiu is one of the best sushi restaurants in Markham, and they serve up all kinds of amazing Japanese and fusion dishes.

The menu is quite pricy, but definitely worth it if you’re looking for quality and delicious seafood.

If you’re feeling fancy, go for the Premium Kaisen Don for 2 or the Lobster Don for 2 (which comes with lobster miso soup)!

LOCATION: 169 Enterprise Blvd 2nd Floor, Markham, ON

Best restaurants in Downtown Markham:

  1. Lucullus Bakers & Roasters
  2. Poke Guys
  3. bb.q Chicken
  4. Draco Markham
  5. Good Catch Boil House
  6. Lanna Cuisine
  7. Kiu Japanese Restaurant

These were some of the best restaurants and food spots to visit in Downtown Markham!

Downtown Markham is developing really quickly, and it’s so exciting seeing all the different restaurants and shops opening up in the neighbourhood.

Have you been to any of these spots? What are some of your favourite restaurants to eat at in the Downtown Markham neighbourhood? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Best restaurants in Downtown Markham

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