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10 Best Toronto Food Apps

10 Best Toronto Food Apps

I’ve tried tons of Toronto food apps over the years, and today I’ll be talking about the best ones for ordering takeout and delivery.

It’s wild how big takeout has become for restaurants since food apps started popping up.

I had a conversation years ago with the owner of one of my favourite Toronto restaurants, and he told me that half of their restaurant’s orders were now through food delivery apps!

Without further ado, here are my picks for the best Toronto food apps to order takeout and delivery.

Remember to also tip your delivery drivers – they only get a cut of the delivery fee and work hard to get your food to you!

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Takeout pizza from King Taps Toronto
Takeout & delivery in Toronto

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Best Toronto food apps to order takeout & delivery

Banh Mi Boys in Toronto, Ontario
Pork Belly Bao from Banh Mi Boys.


You won’t want to wait in lines ever again after using Ritual.

Ritual is a Toronto-based app that allows you to preorder food at restaurants ahead of time, so you can save time and skip the lines.

You simply place your order, then the app updates you when the restaurant is preparing your food, and when your food is ready to pick up.

I love how there’s a points system to earn free food, and you also get $10 in credits every time you invite a new friend to the app!

Speaking of which, you can get $10 off your first order using my code 😉

Fahrenheit Coffee in Toronto
Fahrenheit Coffee, one of my fave coffee shops in Toronto, is on Ritual.

They only take about 10% commission from restaurants, which is a lot lower than what other food apps charge.

For most restaurants on the app, the prices you pay are the exact same prices you’d pay walking into the restaurant!

Ritual recently added service fees, which range from $0.15 to $0.99 on orders under $30 or $1.99 for large orders above $30.

For this reason, I do prefer to call ahead or order directly on restaurants’ websites, but sometimes it is easier to just use Ritual!

Poké bowls at Poké Guys Toronto
Poke Guys, one of my favourite poke spots in Toronto, is also on Ritual.

Pros of Ritual

  • Earn Ritual Rewards towards discounts
  • Canadian company

Cons of Ritual

  • Service fees ranging from $0.15 to $1.99

Ritual discount code

You can get $10 off your first order on Ritual using my link.

Toronto restaurants to order from

These are some of my fave spots to order takeout on Ritual in downtown Toronto:

Mean Bao in Toronto
Siu Mai and bao sandwiches from Mean Bao.

Skip the Dishes

Skip the Dishes is based out of Winnipeg, and they’re one of the best Toronto food delivery apps.

You can see the estimated delivery time, delivery fee, and rating of each restaurant all at a glance, and it’s visually appealing and not too cluttered.

I also like how they give you an actual option to choose how much plastic cutlery you want, and if you’re ordering at home, you can write “none” in the special instructions.

The delivery service itself is also very speedy – I’ve received an order in as short as under 30 minutes!

Skip used to not have any service fees on orders, but they recently added a $0.99 plus tax service fee on delivery orders.

Also, if you’re wondering where Just Eat went, it was actually Skip the Dishes that bought them out!

Thai takeout from Sukhothai Restaurant in Toronto
Sukhothai is one of Toronto’s best Thai restaurants, and you can order them on Skip the Dishes.

Pros of Skip the Dishes

  • Quick delivery (in my own experience)
  • Earn Skip Rewards towards discounts
  • Canadian company

Cons of Skip the Dishes

  • $1.12 service fee on all delivery orders ($0.99 plus tax)

Skip the Dishes discount code

You can get $10 off your first order on Skip the Dishes using my discount code.

Toronto restaurants to order from

These are some of my fave spots to order delivery on Skip the Dishes in downtown Toronto:

Chorizo bowl from LCXO by La Carnita
LCXO by La Carnita is a virtual Mexican spot on DoorDash.


One of the best reasons to order food on DoorDash is that they take less commission from Toronto restaurants than they do other food apps.

They do charge a higher service fee than other food delivery apps at 11%, but at least the restaurants don’t have to pay as high fees!

If there’s a problem with your order, such as missing ingredients (I paid extra for guac!) or incorrect deliveries, they make it easy to get a refund.

Pizza and cured charcuterie meats from Gusto 101 Italian restaurant in Toronto
Gusto 501 is an amazing Italian restaurant in Toronto that’s on DoorDash.

Pros of DoorDash

  • Delivery fees as low as $0.99
  • They take less commission from restaurants than other apps
  • Easy to get refunds (missing or incorrect deliveries)

Cons of DoorDash

  • 11% service fee on all orders (highest out of all apps)

DoorDash discount code

You can get $15 off your first 3 orders over $30 on DoorDash using my link.

Toronto restaurants to order from

These are some of my fave spots to order delivery on DoorDash in downtown Toronto:

King Taps Toronto
King Taps offers some of the best pizza in Toronto.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats doesn’t get a lot of love from the people, and to be honest, I’m also not the biggest fan of their company.

I can’t deny that their app and system is very clean and good, but I personally think they do a lot of shady things that I’ll explain in the cons section.

I’d definitely order on other food apps if possible, but some restaurants and deals are only exclusive to Uber Eats.

They also have a larger restaurant selection than other food apps.

You can actually help the restaurants pay less commissions (they pay up to 30%) if you order on Uber Eats through the restaurant’s actual website!

Banjara Indian Cuisine in Toronto
Banjara is one of my favourite Indian restaurants in Toronto, and you can order them on Uber Eats.

Pros of Uber Eats

  • Many restaurant options
  • Frequent discounts and BOGO deals
  • Delivery fees as low as $0.99
  • Easy to get refunds (missing or incorrect deliveries)

Cons of Uber Eats

  • 10% service fee (up to $4) on all orders
  • $2 small order fee if your order is under $10
  • Drivers do multiple deliveries at a time (unless you pay a “priority” fee)
  • “Busy area” surge charges on top of delivery fees in busy neighbourhoods
  • Order cancellations without explanation

Uber Eats discount code

You can get $10 off your first order of $20 on Uber Eats using my code “eats-4nci5”.

Toronto restaurants to order from

These are some of my fave spots to order delivery on Uber Eats in downtown Toronto:

Monga Fried Chicken in Toronto
Monga Fried Chicken serves up Taiwanese fried chicken, and you can find them on Fantuan.


Fantuan is an Asian food app in Toronto, and they’re actually based out of Vancouver.

They’ve got all kinds of awesome Asian spots in the Greater Toronto Area, including restaurants and dessert places!

Their app interface is quite similar to Uber Eats, and it’s very user-friendly.

The main annoying thing is that some of the copy on the app is written in Chinese (specifically some restaurants and the coupon section) with no option to translate to English.

They used to have no service fees, but they now charge a 10% service fee on the food items without discounts, and there’s a $1.50 minimum charge with a maximum of $4.

They also have temporary additional delivery fees that may be added depending on the distance, difficulty, time period, weather, transportation capacity, road and bridge tolls, or other factors.

Fresh Taro Pearl Fresh Milk from Cuppa Tea, a Hong Kong-style café and bubble tea spot in Toronto
Cuppa Tea is a great drink and snack spot on Fantuan.

Pros of Fantuan

  • Delivery fees as low as $0.99
  • Frequent discounts and deals
  • Canadian company

Cons of Fantuan

  • Service fees ranging from $1.50 to $4
  • Temporary additional delivery fees
  • Limited restaurants compared to other apps
  • Some copy written in Chinese with no translation

Fantuan discount code

You can get a $10 off your first order on Fantuan by using my link and the code “ca02yncx”.

Toronto restaurants to order from

These are some of my fave spots to order delivery on Fantuan in downtown Toronto:

  • Monga Fried Chicken (Taiwanese)
  • MABU Generation (Taiwanese)
  • Katsuya (Japanese)
  • Cuppa Tea Drinks & Pastries (bubble tea and bakery)

Eataly Market, Toronto
Italian grocer Eataly offers prepared foods and groceries on Instacart.


Okay, so Instacart is definitely much more of a grocery delivery app than an actual food delivery app, but you can get prepared meals delivered in Toronto from places like Pusateri’s and Eataly.

So, we’re including it in here anyway!

How it works is that a personal shopper picks up and delivers your order to you, or you can order ahead and pick up your own order at the store.

You still have to pay a “pickup fee” if you pick up your own order, which is equivalent to the delivery fee.

Pros of Instacart

  • Ability to schedule order

Cons of Instacart

  • Higher prices on the app vs. in-store
  • Multiple additional fees (service fee, pickup fee)

Instacart discount code

You can get up to $20 off on Instacart using my link and the code “G4FE8F”.

Toronto spots to order from

  • Pusateri’s (grocery)
  • Eataly (grocery)
  • McEwan Fine Foods (grocery)
  • M&M Food Market (grocery)

Bolognese slice from Maker Pizza in Toronto
Bolognese slice from Maker Pizza.

Maker Pizza

Matty Matheson is the chef behind Maker Pizza, one of the best grab-and-go pizza spots in Toronto.

Choose from a variety of red or white sauce pizzas, including classics like their Siena Margherita or more unique pies like their Return of the Mac (Big Mac-inspired).

They’ve got 6 locations in the GTA, including in Chinatown, Riverside, and North York.

The nice thing about their app is that you can also collect points towards free pizza!

Pros of Maker Pizza app

  • Order ahead for delivery or pickup
  • Free delivery on orders over $60 (limited time)
  • $5 flat delivery
  • Earn points towards free pizza

Basil Box in Toronto

Basil Box

Basil Box is a local Southeast Asian-inspired takeout spot that’s all about make-your-own bowls.

The food is healthy, flavourful, and fair-priced – it’s one of my fave cheap spots to eat in Toronto!

You can pick everything from the base, to the veggies, to the proteins, and everything is delicious.

They’ve also partnered with Wong’s Ice Cream (a really awesome ice cream shop that closed down during the pandemic), and you can purchase pints of 5 of their most popular flavours in all Basil Box locations!

Basil Box actually opened up their first location while Adam and I were studying at Toronto Metropolitan University, and we literally lived there.

They now have a bunch of locations across the GTA (and Canada), including in North York by Yonge & Sheppard and downtown by Yonge & Dundas!

Pros of Basil Box app

Basil Box discount code

There isn’t a discount code for the app, but you can use my code “basilbox-D5F94675” to get 100 bonus points when you sign up!

Tomato Cutlet Pork Chop Double Cheese Baked Spaghetti from Good Catch Bar & Café in Markham, Ontario
Good Catch Cafe is one of Congee Queen’s restaurants.

Congee Queen

Congee Queen is a super popular Cantonese restaurant chain in Toronto, and they’ve got a bunch of other restaurants under their brand.

Some of their other restaurants include Sushi Legend, Petit Potato, Congee Wong, and Good Catch (in Markham).

You can conveniently order delivery or takeout at any of their restaurants on the app, and a lot of restaurants even have coupons!

You can download it in the App Store or on Google Play.

Pros of Congee Queen app

  • Order ahead for delivery or pickup
  • Free birthday gift
  • Plenty of coupons on the app
  • Add yourself to the waitlist to dine in

Cons of Congee Queen app

  • Interface can be glitchy

Congee Queen discount code

There is no discount code for the Congee Queen app, but they do have a welcome offer with a minimum $1 spend, and you can choose between:

  • Sweet & sour pork from Congee Queen
  • Popcorn chicken from Petit Potato
  • California roll from Sushi Legend
  • Cajun clam or Curry Fish Ball from Good Catch

If you add your birthday to your account, you also get a free birthday dish!

Cookin, a home chef food delivery app


Cookin is an awesome app that connects you with professional home cooks and chefs, so you can have chef-quality, homemade food delivered right to your home.

For every meal sold on the app, they also make a donation to a local charitable organization that helps feed the community, which is amazing!

The main con is all of the fees: service fee ($2.99), delivery fee ($1.99), and tips (they recommend not tipping low or it’ll be harder to get a driver).

Order from Cookin, a home chef food delivery app

A lot of the food on the app is understandably on the higher price end (due to high ingredient costs), so with all the fees on top, it can get quite pricy!

If you are interested in trying out Cookin, you can get $25 off your first two orders using my link and the code “FR-T3Y5-LM9D”.

Pros of Cookin

  • Supporting local home cooks and chefs

Cons of Cookin

  • Multiple additional fees (service fee, delivery fee)

Cookin discount code

You can get $25 off your first two orders on Cookin using my link and the code “FR-T3Y5-LM9D”.

Too Good to Go surprise bag from AM Coffee Studio in Toronto
A surprise bag from AM Coffee Studio, featuring a croissant sandwich, banana bread, and chicken caesar salad.

Too Good to Go

Did you know that more than half of food produced in Canada goes to the landfill?

To help combat food waste, Too Good to Go partners with local restaurants, grocery stores, and specialty stores to offer discounted “surprise bags”.

The surprise bags feature items that the restaurants or stores would’ve thrown out, so you’re saving perfectly good food from going into the landfill!

Most surprise bags are around $5 to $10 each, and they’re always priced at 1/3 of their actual value.

Too Good to Go surprise bag from Cho-Kwok-Lat in Markham, Ontario
A surprise bag from Cho-Kwok-Lat in Markham on the Too Good to Go app.

They typically include a selection of produce, prepared foods, or baked goods at random!

There’s no option to choose what’s in the bags, so it’s probably not for you if you have strict dietary restrictions.

You’ll find grocery stores like Pusateri’s on the app, alongside fast casual restaurants like Basil Box.

Pros of Too Good to Go

  • Helping to reduce food waste
  • Very affordable and great value

Cons of Too Good to Go

  • Bags get snatched up quickly because of limited supply

Toronto restaurants to order from

  • Basil Box (Thai)
  • Daan Go Cake Lab (Asian-inspired desserts – watch my TikTok video!)
  • Pusateri’s (grocery)
  • Eataly (grocery)

Best Toronto food apps to order takeout & delivery:

  1. Ritual
  2. Skip the Dishes
  3. DoorDash
  4. Uber Eats
  5. Fantuan
  6. Maker Pizza
  7. Basil Box
  8. Congee Queen
  9. Cookin
  10. Too Good to Go

These are some of the best Toronto food apps to order takeout or delivery!

Apps make life so much easier, whether it’s preordering food to pick up or ordering delivery.

Foodora is another great one that used to be in Toronto, but they sadly left Canada in 2020 😢

What are the best Toronto food ordering and delivery apps you’ve tried? Or the worst? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

Takeout & delivery in Toronto

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The best and worst Toronto food apps to download, including both delivery and pre-order apps.
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