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Is Ryerson a Good University?

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Is Ryerson a Good University?

Wondering if Ryerson University in Toronto is a good school to attend?

Ryerson gets a bad rap because it used to be a college, but it’s now known for its fantastic media, engineering, business, and nursing programs.

Many programs at Ryerson are very hands-on, which makes it a very great school if you’re looking to get your hands dirty.

I studied Media Production at Ryerson (previously known as Radio and Television), which is known to be the best media program in the entire country.

Here’s what you need to know about Ryerson and whether it’s a good university to attend!

Ryerson University

Is Ryerson prestigious?

Ryerson isn’t a particularly prestigious university, but they do have some programs that are prestigious, such as their Media Production program.

They’re also known for their creative, engineering, business, and nursing programs.

Ryerson even has unique programs you won’t find at many other universities, such as fashion, interior design, and dance.

Is Ryerson hard to get into?

The difficulty of getting into Ryerson depends on the program you’re applying for.

Many of the creative programs are highly competitive, and I managed to get into Media Production with a 90% average in high school.

Of course, not all of Ryerson’s programs are amazing, and I knew people who got accepted into some programs with even a 60% high school average.

For more competitive programs that have a lower acceptance rate, you’ll need a higher average.

Multi-camera production course as part of Ryerson University's RTA Media Production program at the Rogers Communication Centre in Toronto
One of my first year classes in RTA Media Production.

Is Ryerson a bad university?

Since Ryerson used to be a college, a lot of people don’t think of Ryerson as a great university.

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They’re continuously adding great new programs, especially in the creative fields, and you get a lot more experience with the hands-on programs rather than traditional all-in-the-books programs at other universities.

Ryerson tends to have a bad reputation especially amongst students from other universities (especially at U of T).

They like to call Ryerson “Rye High” to insinuate that it’s like a high school.

There’s even one for York University: “If you can hold a fork, you can go to York.”

York gets a bad rap as well, but they also have some prestigious programs.

Ryerson vs. York: which one is better?

Both Ryerson and York have their own pros and cons, and it heavily depends on the programs you’re looking into.

Ryerson and York are both known to be commuter schools, and many students across the GTA commute on a daily basis.

In my experience, people actually enjoy hanging around Ryerson outside of classes because of the downtown atmosphere, while people at York tend to leave campus when they’re not in classes.

Ryerson Image Arts building, Toronto

Is Ryerson expensive?

Tuition at Ryerson for most programs costs around $7,000 for local students.

The costs of living around or going to Ryerson can also be expensive because it’s located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The average 1 bedroom apartment in Toronto is around $1,800 – living in Toronto is expensive.

If you choose to commute, the TTC costs $3.25 per ride (or $128.15 for a monthly post-secondary pass).

Although many restaurants in the area offer discounts to Ryerson students, it’s still expensive to eat out in downtown Toronto if you don’t bring your own lunch.

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Ryerson University convocation ceremony

Did you go to Ryerson University? Or are you planning on attending Ryerson? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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