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8 Best Chinese Takeout Spots in Toronto

8 Best Chinese Takeout Spots in Toronto

Looking for the best Chinese takeout restaurants in Toronto to order for pickup or delivery?

If you’re not Chinese (or Asian), you might think of Chinese food as Americanized dishes like General Tao chicken, but there’s so much more to Chinese cuisine that you’re missing out on.

China is also a massive country, so there are so many different types of cuisines that vary up by region.

I actually didn’t know that about India either, until my Indian friend informed me a few years ago – it’s not just butter chicken and tikka masala.

Anyway, you’ll definitely love these Chinese takeout spots in Toronto if you’re a big foodie and love Asian food.

Here are some of the best Chinese restaurants in Toronto to order takeout or delivery from!

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Best Chinese takeout in Toronto

Mean Bao in Toronto

Mean Bao

Mean Bao is a great casual spot for lunch or just a snack.

You can get different baos, dumplings, and bowls, and their Pork Belly Bao and Jerk Chicken Baos are my absolute faves.

Two baos is enough for a meal if you don’t eat a lot (like me), but three baos will be sufficient if you eat more (like Adam!)

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They used to have locations all over Toronto, but they’re slowly opening locations in the downtown core (nice for me because I live in the core!)

Their Queen & Bathurst location is the most popular one, and that’s the one I usually frequent.

If you live near one of their locations, I’d recommend getting takeout instead of delivery, as the baos might be a little soggy if you live further away and it takes awhile to get to you!

LOCATION: Various locations

PanPan Noodle Bar restaurant in Toronto

PanPan Noodle Bar

Authentic spicy Wuhan noodles are what you’ll find here at PanPan Noodle Bar, located near the AGO.

The Hot Dry Crab is my favourite, but it’s not for the faint of heart – it’s spicy as heck!

They also have a bunch of delicious side dishes, including their Sticky Rice Crepe.

I have a blog post all about my PanPan Noodle Bar restaurant review if you want to see more of the menu!

LOCATION: 2nd floor, 23 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON

Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles serves up Chinese noodles in ramen-inspired broth in Toronto

Niuda Hand-Pulled Noodles

Niuda Noodles is hands down one of my absolute favourite noodle spots in Toronto, and you can find them on Queen Street West.

They hand-pull their noodles fresh everyday, and if you dine in, you can see them in action!

Try their Dan Dan Noodles and Beef Dumplings – they’re absolutely amazing.

I also have a blog post all about my Niuda Noodles restaurant review if you’re curious to see more of the menu!

LOCATION: 204 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON

Hong Shing

Hong Shing has menu items to satisfy anyone looking for Americanized Chinese dishes or more authentic Chinese dishes.

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From Chicken Balls to Black Bean Clams, they’e got something to satisfy everyone you’re ordering for.

Order takeout or delivery directly from their website so they don’t have to pay any third-party commission fees!

LOCATION: 195 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON

Lee Chen Asian Bistro

Lee Chen Asian Bistro is a bit more of an upscale Chinese restaurant, but they serve up amazing Chinese comfort food dishes.

From Hot & Sour Soup, to Ma Po Tofu, to Crystal Pork Belly, they’ve got a lot of classic Chinese dishes that’ll warm your belly up.

They also have Americanized Chinese dishes like Kung Pao Chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork.

They have 2 downtown locations at King & University and Yonge & Bloor, as well as one location in Aurora.

LOCATION: Various locations

Lee Restaurant

Lee Restaurant is Chef Susur Lee’s flagship restaurant on King West, and you’ll find Asian and French-influenced small plates meant for sharing.

From Cheeseburger Spring Rolls to Top Chef Curry Roasted Chicken, you’ll find all kinds of unique and delicious fusion dishes.

Try their Singapore Style Slaw – it features 20 ingredients, and it’s also vegan and gluten-free!

LOCATION: 601 King St. West, Toronto, ON


DaiLo also serves up amazing French-Chinese fusion cuisine in a gorgeous Instagram-worthy restaurant in Little Italy.

They switch up their menu every so often, but their Sweet & Sour Pork Hock and Truffle Fried Rice are both classic staples on the menu.

It’s definitely a great splurge-worthy meal if you’re looking to impress someone or celebrate a special occasion.

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LOCATION: 503 College St, Toronto, ON

Sunny’s Chinese

Sunny’s Chinese is a popup kitchen serving up regional Chinese food.

They’re reopening in spring 2022 at Kensington Market, and you can peep out their Instagram for updates (where they also explain various aspects of Chinese food).

They have quite a few similar dishes at their sister restaurant in Yorkville, MIMI Chinese!

Best Chinese takeout in Toronto:

  1. Mean Bao
  2. PanPan Noodle Bar
  3. Niuda Noodles
  4. Hong Shing
  5. Lee Chen Asian Bistro
  6. Lee Restaurant
  7. DaiLo
  8. Sunny’s Chinese

Of course, there are plenty of incredible Chinese restaurants across the city, and these are just some of my favourite Chinese takeout spots in Toronto.

Have you tried any of these restaurants? What are some of the best Chinese takeout spots in Toronto in your opinion? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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