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19 Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Toronto

19 Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants in Toronto

Looking for the cutest and most Instagram-worthy restaurants in Toronto to check out?

Toronto is a city filled with creatives and people who love to photograph their food, so of course there’s no shortage of Instagrammable restaurants.

From romantic, vintage interiors to modern and green spaces, there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing places to take photos at in Toronto.

Here are some of the best and most Instagram-worthy restaurants to visit in Toronto!

I’ve done a rough order from north to south and west to east, but it ain’t perfect.

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Instagram-worthy restaurants in Toronto

The front of Bar Isabel in Little Italy, Toronto

1. Bar Isabel

Bar Isabel is a Spanish-inspired restaurant in Little Italy with a warm and cozy interior.

It’s a little dark inside the restaurant, so outside is where you’ll want your photo taken.

The vintage wood exterior and eclectic Mexican tiles will transport your Instagram feed to Spain.

Afterwards, head inside the restaurant and try Bar Isabel’s famous grilled octopus!

LOCATION: 797 College St. | Website

DaiLo Restaurant in Toronto

2. DaiLo

DaiLo in my opinion is one of the absolute best restaurants in Toronto, and it’s also very Instagrammable.

Anything I’ve ever tasted here has been so delicious!

The cuisine is Chinese with French influences, and Chef Nick Liu does an incredible job with the menu.

On top of having great food, DaiLo has a stunning interior with Asian-inspired wall art and teal banquette seating.

Sit right by the window to have the best lighting for your Instagram photos!

If you just wanna visit for the food, they also have a small booth called Little DaiLo inside Assembly Chef’s Hall in the Financial District.

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LOCATION: 503 College St. | Website

La Cubana restaurant in Toronto, Ontario

3. La Cubana

Come for the mint green tiles, stay for the amazing Cuban sandwiches (and dranks).

Any photos you take at La Cubana will look adorable on your Instagram feed, especially if you grab a colourful drink!

They’ve got locations in Roncesvalles, on Ossington, and on Gerrard.

LOCATION: 1030 Gerrard St. East | Website

Cafe Cancan restaurant in Toronto
Cafe Cancan Restaurant, Toronto

4. Café Cancan

Got a love for all things pink and pretty?

You’ll absolutely adore visiting the Café Cancan Restaurant in the Annex.

Because of the influx of pink lovers coming for their Instagram photos, the restaurant now charges $60 for a photo permit if you want to shoot with a camera.

So, just bring your smartphone and call it a day.

LOCATION: 89 Harbord St. | Website

Her Father's Cider Bar and Kitchen in Toronto, Canada
Brunch at Her Father's Cider Bar + Kitchen in Toronto

5. Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen

Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen is such a cool spot in the Annex that deserves way more recognition.

They serve farm-to-table dishes using local ingredients, and everything they make is just so incredibly delicious.

The restaurant interior itself is rustic chic, and there’s a cool graffiti wall on the patio that makes for some Instagram-worthy shots.

Be sure to grab a cider tasting flight while you’re here, and the Crispy Brussels Sprouts!

LOCATION: 119 Harbord St. | Website

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The Commoner Restaurant, Toronto

6. The Commoner

The Commoner is a gorgeous spot in Roncesvalles with jewel-toned colours of mustard, forest green, and burgundy.

It’s one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Toronto with its flood of natural light and beautiful interior design!

They also have great food as well, which is another plus.

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I’ve got a blog post all about my review of The Commoner if you’re interested in learning more!

LOCATION: 2067 Dundas St. West | Website

The Broadview Hotel in Toronto
Broadview Hotel, Toronto

7. The Broadview Hotel

Who knew a hotel restaurant could be so cute?

The restaurant inside the Broadview Hotel is filled with Instagrammable corners, so you can get plenty of adorable photos while you’re here.

Plus, it has pretty good lighting in here, even during the winter (which is when these photos were taken)!

My favourite spot is the bar area – the island-esque style is so unique.

It’s also one of the best boutique hotels in Toronto, so it’s perfect for a staycation as well!

LOCATION: 106 Broadview Ave. | Website

Leña Restaurant in Toronto

8. Leña

Leña is a gorgeous Argentinean restaurant that serves up South American-inspired dishes in the Financial District.

The teal high chairs and unique lighting fixtures make for a v gorgeous space.

If you watch MasterChef Canada on Crave TV, you might recognize Leña from the restaurant takeover episode in season 6!

LOCATION: 176 Yonge St. | Website

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9. Café Landwer

Located right at the corner of Adelaide and University is this retro Israeli café.

The front of the restaurant is Instagrammable, the entryway is Instagrammable, and the interior is Instagrammable.

Everything about Café Landwer is Instagram-worthy!

Okay, maybe not that plate of fries, but it does come on a pretty plate.

LOCATION: 165 University Ave. | Website

Tom Jones Steak House in Toronto

10. Tom Jones Steak House

Is this Europe or is this Toronto?

This super cute patio set is more for aesthetics than eating, and you don’t even have to go inside the restaurant to get this shot.

Come dressed in your summer best for the perfect European-esque summer photo opp!

LOCATION: 17 Leader Ln. | Website

Biagio Ristorante in Toronto

11. Biagio Ristorante

Biagio Ristorante is a gorgeous Italian spot in Old Town, and it’s a chic restaurant for all your Instagrammable needs.

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The exterior of the restaurant is just as gorgeous as the interior, and they’ve even got a beautiful outdoor patio out back.

LOCATION: 155 King St. East | Website

Reyna on King is the best Mediterranean brunch restaurant in Toronto, Canada! Here's a taste of their delicious breakfast offerings and cocktails.
Reyna on King Restaurant, Toronto

12. Reyna on King

Amazing Mediterranean cuisine in an Instagram-worthy restaurant? Yes, please.

Reyna on King is a branch of Bar Reyna, and the food is absolutely incredible here.

Besides the food, they’ve got gorgeous green plants and lighting hanging from the ceiling, beautiful jewel-toned seating, and even a bright neon sign!

I’ve got a blog post all about my Reyna on King restaurant review if you’re interested in hearing more about it.

LOCATION: 354 King St. East | Website

Weslodge in Toronto, Ontario

13. Weslodge

If you’ve ever walked along King West, no doubt you’ve encountered the bright yellow doors of Weslodge.

Have your photographer (or Instagram husband/wife/person) stand across the street to get it in full view!

It seems to be pretty dark inside, but the outside is definitely Instagram-worthy.

LOCATION: 480 King St. West | Website

Oretta Restaurant in Toronto
Oretta Italian Restaurant, Toronto

14. Oretta

Oretta is another popular restaurant on King West, with its Instagrammable pink art deco-style interior.

It’s definitely one of the cutest and most Instagram-worthy restaurants in Toronto!

They serve up Italian eats, and there’s even non-traditional brunch with an Italian twist.

If you don’t want to eat in at the restaurant, you can hit up the café part of the restaurant next door, which is just as Instagram-worthy.

LOCATION: 633 King St. West | Website

Wilbur Mexicana in Toronto, Ontario
Wilbur Mexicana, Toronto

15. Wilbur Mexicana

Not only is Wilbur a great spot for tacos in Toronto – it’s a great spot for Instagram photos as well.

Grab a pic by the wide variety of funky hot sauces or sitting in the leather red banquettes with your taco spread.

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Then, eat tacos to your heart’s content!

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LOCATION: 552 King St. West | Website

Kost Restaurant in Toronto

16. Kōst

If you’re looking for Toronto restaurants with a view, Kōst should definitely be on your radar.

From 44 storeys up, the view of the Toronto skyline at Kōst Restaurant is pretty swanky.

The restaurant itself is also very beautiful, with a light and airy interior.

During the summer they open up the rooftop patio, which makes for super cute summer photos!

Honestly, the food is overpriced and not anything amazing, but it is an Instagrammable restaurant in Toronto.

LOCATION: 44th Floor, 80 Blue Jays Way | Website

Canoe Restaurant, Toronto
Canoe Restaurant, Toronto

17. Canoe

We can’t forget about Canoe, one of the most iconic restaurants to see the Toronto skyline.

While I don’t think the food here is anything special, the view is definitely incredible.

I’d recommend coming during Summerlicious or Winterlicious to take advantage of the cheaper tasting menus!

Oh, and when you make a reservation, ask for the CN Tower view.

I’ve got a whole blog post on my Canoe Restaurant review if you’re interested in hearing more!

LOCATION: 54th floor, 66 Wellington St. West | Website

Cluny Bistro in Toronto's Distillery District

18. Cluny Bistro

Transport yourself to France at this pretty and Instagram-worthy restaurant in the Distillery District.

Cluny Bistro is a gorgeous European-inspired restaurant here in Toronto if that’s your aesthetic.

The restaurant itself is a bit dark, but the café has decent lighting on a sunny day.

The outdoor patio is also super cute, with bistro seating and greenery covering the entirety of it!

If you’re looking for more cool spots in the neighbourhood, I’ve got blog posts on things to do in the Distillery District and the best Distillery District restaurants!

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LOCATION: 35 Tank House Ln. | Website

Le Select Bistro restaurant in Toronto, Canada

19. Le Sélect Bistro

Grab classic French cuisine at this upscale Parisian-style restaurant in Toronto.

Le Sélect Bistro has an absolutely gorgeous interior, and both the patios out front and out back are also gorgeous!

LOCATION: 432 Wellington St. West | Website

Instagram-worthy restaurants in Toronto:

  1. Bar Isabel
  2. DaiLo
  3. La Cubana
  4. Café Cancan
  5. Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen
  6. The Commoner
  7. The Broadview Hotel
  8. Leña
  9. Café Landwer
  10. Tom Jones Steak House
  11. Biagio Ristorante
  12. Reyna on King
  13. Weslodge
  14. Oretta
  15. Wilbur Mexicana
  16. Kōst
  17. Canoe
  18. Cluny Bistro
  19. Le Sélect Bistro

Of course there are way more Instagram-worthy restaurants out there in Toronto, but these were some of my favourite ones.

Plus, you can make most restaurants Instagrammable if you’ve got good lighting and a willing photographer.

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Be sure to check out some local tours as well, if you’re looking to do some fun and unique activities.

Have you been to any of these restaurants? What are some of your favourite Instagram-worthy restaurants in Toronto? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Paying a visit to Toronto and looking for some cool Instagram-worthy spots? Here are some of the most Instagrammable and aesthetically-pleasing restaurants to visit in Toronto, Canada!