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12 Most Instagram-Worthy Toronto Brunch Spots

12 Most Instagram-Worthy Toronto Brunch Spots

Like many basic Torontonians, hitting up new and cute Toronto brunch places around the city is one of my hobbies.

With so many adorable and Instagrammable brunch places opening up in Toronto all the time, how could you not?!

I’m guilty of looking brunch places up on Instagram beforehand to see if they’re photo-worthy, and I know I’m not the only one.

If people are constantly taking photos there, that probably means the food is actually good anyways. Right? Right. 💁

Okay, maybe not. But sometimes you just gotta do it for the ‘Gram, ya know?

Whether you’re into healthy chia seed pudding or hearty stacks of pancakes, there’s a perfect brunch spot in Toronto for everyone on this list.

These are my picks for some of the cutest and most Instagram-worthy Toronto brunch spots!

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Cute brunch spots in Toronto

Cafe Cancan restaurant in Toronto
Café Cancan serves up French brunch in Toronto

1. Café Cancan

Café Cancan is the ultimate brunch spot for all things pastel and pretty (if that’s your aesthetic).

Despite consciously being Instagrammable af, the employees look at you with disdain if you try to take any Instagram photos.

They also now charge $60 an hour if you want to take photos with a camera, so just bring your phone and call it a day.

They’ve also got a pretty pink door outside if you don’t feel like eating at the restaurant.

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The brunch is pretty good though!

LOCATION: 89 Harbord St, Toronto, ON | Website

Her Father's Cider Bar + Kitchen serves up Canadian brunch in Toronto

2. Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen

If farmhouse chic and local craft ciders are your thing, Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen is your place.

Who says you can’t have ciders with your brunch?!

They use local ingredients in their farm-to-table dishes, and there’s nothing on their menu that isn’t delicious.

They have a super cute outdoor patio complete with a cool graffiti wall, and they give you cozy blankets if it’s chilly out.

I’ve come to Her Father’s for both brunch and dinner, and I’ve been amazed every single time.

LOCATION: 119 Harbord St, Toronto, ON | Website

Wish Restaurant serves up brunch in Toronto
Brunch at Wish Restaurant in Toronto

3. Wish Restaurant

Just another pretty pastel restaurant for all your aesthetic Instagram needs.

Wish Restaurant is one of the cutest little brunch spots in Toronto, and the food is pretty dang awesome.

The space itself is pretty small, but the cute patio makes up for it.

It turns into an enclosed patio during the winter, so you can enjoy patio season everyday of the year!

I’ve also come for both brunch and dinner here, and the food is always delicious.

LOCATION: 3 Charles St. E, Toronto, ON | Website

Brunch at Planta Restaurant in Toronto
Planta Yorkville serves up plant-based brunch in Toronto

4. Planta

Stop by Planta in Yorkville for plant-based brunch to satisfy all your vegan (and non-vegan) friends.

Just remind your non-vegan friends that they don’t offer dairy milk or cream for your coffee (lol).

My fave dishes at Planta are the Avocado Toast and Cauliflower Tots.

Don’t forget to take a photo on the swinging chair in front of the plant wall!

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They’ve also got a new Asian-inspired plant-based restaurant called Planta Queen where they serve dim sum brunch on the weekends.

LOCATION: 1221 Bay St, Toronto, ON | Website

Dessert at Light Cafe, Toronto

5. Light Cafe

Light Cafe is a Taiwanese-inspired cafe serving up all of the cuteness alongside amazing food.

Their gourmet sandwiches are fantastic, and they’ve also got incredible Asian-inspired desserts!

If you’re looking for more Instagrammable food spots serving up Asian-inspired bites, you’ll find plenty of Instagram-worthy spots in North York.

LOCATION: 23 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON | Website

Le Select Bistro restaurant in Toronto, Canada

6. Le Sélect Bistro

Voulez-vous un petit déjeuner français?

Le Sélect Bistro will transport you to the streets of Paris with their gorgeous patio and beautiful European decor.

They also have another patio out back with cool wall art, which is actually popular for weddings!

This is the spot to visit if you’re looking for authentic French cuisine here in Toronto.

LOCATION: 432 Wellington St. West, Toronto, ON | Website

Oretta Restaurant in Toronto, Ontario

7. Oretta

Another pretty Toronto brunch spot for my fellow pink lovers.

Oretta is an Italian restaurant that doesn’t really serve up traditional brunch, so come hungry for their hearty brunch dishes.

While I’m not too crazy about the food at Oretta, they’ve definitely got a gorgeous space worthy of your Instagram feed.

If you’re a fan of the show Workin’ Moms on Netflix Canada, you might recognize this restaurant from one of the episodes!

LOCATION: 633 King St. West, Toronto, ON | Website

Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen, Toronto

8. Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen

Not only is the café interior hella cute, but so is the secret pink patio out back.

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With minimal vibes and greenery all around, Early Bird is the perfect brunch spot for your Instagram feed.

The food and drinks are pretty great, and they’ve got some colourful brunch options as well.

Be sure to order the Eggs Benedict, especially if you love the colour pink – you’ll thank me later.

LOCATION: 613 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON | Website

Old School serves up some of the best pancakes in Toronto

9. Old School

School meets diner vibes at this adorable brunch spot on Dundas West.

I’d say Old School is definitely up there on my list of the best brunch places in Toronto – the food here is absolutely incredible!

Their Blueberry Hill Pancakes are life – definitely some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had in Toronto.

From the brown sugar butter to the savoury slices of bacon, it’s just so damn good.

I did a whole video feature on their pancakes for Lonely Planet!

Oh, and the chalkboard filled with equations makes for a cute Instagram photo backdrop.

If you visit on the weekend, be sure to come early – the restaurant gets pretty packed.

LOCATION: 800 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON | Website

Baddies is one of the most Instagrammable brunch spots in Toronto

10. Baddies Toronto

This Aussie-inspired café serves up vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore-friendly options, and it’s more than just the food that’s pretty.

Literally every single corner of Baddies is Instagram-worthy!

If you’re super dedicated, you can probably get a week’s worth of Instagram content in just one visit alone.

Baddies is pretty far out of the downtown core, but it’s definitely worth the visit.

Park for free in the residential neighbourhood along Lansdowne just south of the restaurant!

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LOCATION: 679 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON | Website

Reyna on King is one of the most Instagrammable brunch spots in Toronto

11. Reyna on King

You heard it here – Reyna on King serves up the best shakshuka in the entire city.

If you’re craving some Mediterranean-inspired eats, definitely stop by Reyna on King for some tasty brunch.

Their colourful DIY mimosa bar is super Instagrammable as well!

Take a cute photo in front of the neon sign or sitting in one of the gorgeous teal bar stools.

LOCATION: 354 King St. East, Toronto, ON | Website

Kost Restaurant in Toronto

12. Kōst

If you’re looking for some gorg skyline views during your brunch, you’ll want to pay a visit to Kōst.

The restaurant is 44 storeys high inside the Bisha Hotel, one of the best boutique hotels in Toronto.

The restaurant has a gorgeous Scandinavian-inspired interior that’s super light and airy.

They open up the rooftop patio during the summer months, which makes for v cute Instagram photos!

LOCATION: 44th Floor, 80 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON | Website

Cute brunch places in Toronto:

  1. Café Cancan
  2. Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen
  3. Wish Restaurant
  4. Planta
  5. Light Cafe
  6. Le Sélect Bistro
  7. Oretta
  8. Early Bird Coffee + Kitchen
  9. Old School
  10. Baddies Toronto
  11. Reyna on King
  12. Kōst

There are tons of cute and Instagram-worthy brunch restaurants in Toronto, but these are just a few of my favourite places to visit.

Toronto has cute new brunch places popping up all the time, so there are always new spots to visit!

If you’re planning a trip to Toronto, be sure to check out my posts on the most fun things to do in Toronto and what to wear in Toronto.

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Be sure to check out some local tours as well, if you’re looking to do some fun and unique activities.

Have you visited any of these cute brunch places in Toronto? What are some of the best Toronto brunch restaurants in your opinion? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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From healthy vegan chia seed pudding to hearty blueberry pancakes, you'll find all kinds of wonderful brunch spots in Toronto. Here are some of the best places to grab breakfast and brunch in the city!

Marah Frank

Monday 22nd of January 2018

Ahhh thanks for these amazing suggestions! I'm visiting this summer and seriously cannot wait. Toronto is filled with so many cool places!

Boho Fashion Blogger


Wednesday 6th of September 2017

I've tried quite a few of these brunch spots but i havent been to BADDIES yet!! Look forwards to trying their food out :O <3

Francesca Gariano

Tuesday 5th of September 2017

The question is...when am I ever going to stop being so lazy and get up to Toronto one of these days? These places all look so delicious, especially Old School!

Jessica Lam

Wednesday 6th of September 2017

When you come, we are 100% meeting up!!


Thursday 31st of August 2017

I'm so embarrassed to call myself a foodie AND a Torontonian haha! I've only been to 1 of these places. Gotta get a move on before it gets too chilly :)

Vivian Tse

Thursday 31st of August 2017

Amazing brunch spots! I've never been to Toronto before, but I would love to visit it one day! Hope you are having an amazing week so far :) xo, Vivian

Jessica Lam

Thursday 31st of August 2017

You should definitely come visit Toronto someday!! Hope you're having an amazing week so far as well Vivian! :)