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10 Best Takeout Spots in Richmond Hill

10 Best Takeout Spots in Richmond Hill

Searching for the best takeout spots in Richmond Hill to order from?

Richmond Hill is a super diverse city in the GTA, with all kinds of different cuisines you can try.

Whether you’re craving sushi or pizza, there are plenty of fantastic takeout spots in Richmond Hill.

Here are some of the best takeout spots to order from in Richmond Hill, Ontario!

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Best takeout spots in Richmond Hill

Kibo Sushi House

If you’re in the mood for some good takeout sushi, you’ll definitely want to hit up Kibo.

Kibo is one of my fave sushi chains in the GTA, and they’ve got a Richmond Hill location inside Richlane Mall.

The folks here are super friendly, and it’s a super low-key, cozy spot if you’re looking to dine in!

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Spicy salmon and spicy tuna rolls from Kibo Sushi House in Richmond Hill, Ontario
Spicy Salmon and Spicy Tuna Rolls.

My go-to order is the Spicy Maki Trio combo, which comes with 6 pieces each of spicy California, spicy salmon, and spicy tuna rolls – they make some of the best spicy rolls out there!

I also love any of their aburi (torched) sushi rolls – they’re absolutely amaze.

They also have a small takeout shop inside Hillcrest Mall if that’s a more convenient location for you.

Definitely order ahead on Ritual (one of my fave food apps) so you don’t have to wait in line – you can use my link to get $10 off your first order!

LOCATION: Various locations

Burger and Cali-style fries from Fresh Burger Restaurant in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Fresh Burger

You’ll definitely want to hit up Fresh Burger for some of the best burgers in Richmond Hill.

They serve up deliciously juicy burgers made with fresh 100% Canadian Angus beef, which they grind fresh daily.

All of their burgers are cooked to order, and you can choose all of your toppings!

I love that their burgers aren’t greasy, and their Cali-style fries are absolutely amazing.

Fun fact: the founder of Fresh Burger formerly worked on Bay Street, and he opened their very first location in Richmond Hill!

They now have locations across the GTA, including in North York.

LOCATION: 9206 Leslie St Unit 4, Richmond Hill, ON

Aneal’s Taste of the Islands

If you’re craving Caribbean cuisine, Aneal’s in Richmond Hill is the place to go.

This cute and cozy spot on Yonge is takeout-style, but they do have seating inside if you’re looking to dine-in.

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They’ve got protein choices like jerk chicken and curried goat, and you can have them in either roti or with rice and peas!

LOCATION: 10220 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON

Abruzzo Pizza

Abruzzo has been serving up authentic Italian eats in Richmond Hill for over 40 years.

Pizza is definitely the specialty here, with a variety of toppings you can choose from.

They use imported Italian tomatoes for their sauce and a blend of three local cheeses for their base cheese!

They’ve also got other Italian dishes on the menu like panzerotti, pasta, and chicken parmigiana!

LOCATION: 9010 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON

Korean food from Owl of Minerva Restaurant in Toronto

The Owl of Minerva

Owl is an amazing Korean restaurant chain based in Toronto, and they’ve been in business for around two decades now.

They’ve got locations all across Ontario, with one in Richmond Hill right by Bayview & Major Mackenzie.

Their Kamjatang (pork bone soup) and Kalbi (BBQ short ribs) are my fave dishes to order!

You can even find some of their frozen products inside Asian grocery stores like T&T.

LOCATION: 815 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill, ON

Dear Saigon

Formerly known as Little Saigon, this popular Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond Hill has recently rebranded as Dear Saigon.

They serve up the best pho in Richmond Hill, and their Satay Pho is incredible as well.

Their new interior decor is also super cute, and will transport you to the streets of Vietnam!

LOCATION: 9625 Yonge St Unit J, Richmond Hill, ON

Chinese Peking duck dish at Congee Wong Restaurant in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Congee Wong

Congee Wong is your spot for homestyle Cantonese food.

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Since the food is delicious and fairly-priced, it actually gets super busy inside the restaurant, so my family always just grabs takeout!

The black bean clams, deep fried squid, and wonton lo mein are some of my favourites to order on the menu.

Congee from Congee Wong in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Their congee is also great (of course), and we always get it with youtiao (deep fried Chinese bread sticks)!

You can order ahead on their website for pickup, but the menu will take some time to look through because it’s so massive!

LOCATION: 1 Spadina Rd, Richmond Hill, ON

Beefing with 7 Chinese restaurant in Toronto

Beefing with 7

Beefing with 7 is a Hong Kong-style restaurant by HK actor/singer Jordan Chan, and they’re all about homey Cantonese comfort foods.

Their Satay Beef Noodles are my absolute fave – the soup and the beef slices are just so dang delicious.

You also can’t enjoy an HK meal without a Hong Kong milk tea (called lai cha in Cantonese), which you can have either iced or hot.

Their Richmond Hill location is by Highway 7 & Leslie, and they’ve also got locations in Chinatown and Markham.

LOCATION: 9021 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, ON

Manchurian Shrimp Dry from Asian Garden Restaurant in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Asian Garden

I literally dream about Asian Garden’s Hakka-style dishes.

Their Manchurian shrimp, fish, and chicken are all fantastic, but the shrimp is definitely my favourite out of them all.

You can choose between dry (my fave) or saucy for the Manchurian dishes!

They’re currently only open for takeout, and you can peep out their menu and order ahead for pickup on the Skip the Dishes app.

Feel free to use my link to get $5 off your first order at Skip the Dishes!

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LOCATION: 883 16th Ave, Richmond Hill, ON

Chicken pad thai dish at Thai Basil in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Thai Basil

If you’re in the mood for Thai food, you’ll definitely want to order takeout from Thai Basil in Richmond Hill.

My family’s go-to dishes are the yellow curry, red curry, and pineapple fried rice, and the appetizer platter is worth getting if you’re looking to try a variety of things on the menu!

Thai Basil’s main location is actually downtown at Bloor & Spadina, but I’ve only visited their Richmond Hill location.

I actually went to high school next door, so I came here all the time for their lunch specials back in the day!

If you’re looking for even more great Thai food in the GTA, I’ve got a blog post all about the best Thai restaurants in Toronto!

LOCATION: 1070 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill, ON

Best takeout spots in Richmond Hill:

  1. Kibo Sushi House
  2. Fresh Burger
  3. Aneal’s Taste of the Islands
  4. Abruzzo Pizza
  5. The Owl of Minerva
  6. Dear Saigon
  7. Congee Wong
  8. Beefing with 7
  9. Asian Garden
  10. Thai Basil

These were some of the best takeout spots to order from in Richmond Hill!

What are your favourite takeout spots in Richmond Hill? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Best takeout spots in Richmond Hill, Ontario