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7 Best Canadian Winter Boots to Shop

7 Best Canadian Winter Boots to Shop

Searching for the best Canadian winter boots to get you through these cold and snowy winters in Canada?

If you live anywhere other than Vancouver, you’re probably (reluctantly) used to our brutal winter weather here in Canada.

It hasn’t been so bad living with Ontario winters all my life, but it definitely ain’t a piece of cake.

Whether you’re just looking for quality Canadian winter boots or looking to support your local brands, you’ll definitely find a pair from this list that suits you.

Here are some of the best winter boots to shop to get you through the Canadian winters!

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Best winter boots in Canada

Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, British Columbia


Kamik has been making high-quality winter and rain boots since the late 1800s here in Canada, and they’re still family-owned and operated in Quebec.

They even have a heritage collection that pays tribute to their OG styles, but with updated technology and styling.

You’ll find affordable winter boots ranging from $105 to $185 for women, as well as men’s and children’s styles!

Whether you’re looking for lighter winter boots for milder winters or more heavy-duty boots for snowier conditions, you’ll definitely find a good selection at Kamik.

They’re also actively working towards becoming more sustainable, including making their winter boot liners with 100% recycled plastic and having their rain boot recycling program.

Price range: $105-$185 CAD

Kudos winter boots from Cougar Shoes Canada at Enniskillen Conservation Area in Durham Region, Ontario

Cougar Shoes

Cougar has been around for over 70 years, and they were founded here in Ontario!

They’re all about fashion and function, and they’ve got everything from rain boots to winter boots for women and kids.

Kudos winter boots from Cougar Shoes Canada at Enniskillen Conservation Area in Durham Region, Ontario

You can shop their Heritage Collection featuring their classic designs with updated technology.

I love their Vantage leather boots ($200) and Kudos leather boots ($190), which are both made for -24 degree celsius weather!

Price range: $80-$200 CAD


Sorel started out back in the 60’s with their winter and work boots, and now they offer all kinds of footwear like sneakers and sandals.

Their classic winter boots are perfect for Canadian winters, including a range of styles for milder and harsher winters for women, men, and kids.

Go for their iconic Caribou winter boots ($200) or something more simpler (but still good for heavy snow) like their 1964 CVS boots ($160).

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They’re headquartered out of Portland (under Columbia Sportswear), but they were actually founded out of Kitchener, Ontario!

Price range: $115-$240 CAD


We all know and love Roots, famous for their quality leather bags and cozy sweatpants.

They were founded in Toronto in 1973, and they’ve been an iconic Canadian company ever since!

Roots also has a good selection of fall and winter boots made with their high-quality suedes and leathers, including these classic Jasper winter boots ($198) and these stylish Nordic winter boots ($248).

If you’re into the whole rustic outdoor camping vibe, you’ll love the winter boots at Roots.

Price range: $198-$278 CAD

Aldo Shoes

We all know and love our beloved Aldo Shoes, a Montreal-based footwear and accessory brand that’s in pretty much every major mall in Canada.

They started out in Montreal back in the 70’s, and now they’re all over the world.

From chic sandals to sleek tall boots, they’ve got plenty of trendy and timeless styles at affordable prices for both women and men.

Plus, their shoes are great quality, and last for literally years!

Aldo is also the first fashion footwear and accessories company in the world to be certified climate neutral, and they’re working towards becoming more sustainable!

I love these chic leather Chelsea booties for milder winters and these white winter boots ($140) for snowier weather.

Price range: $110-$160 CAD


Thesus is an awesome sustainable outdoor women’s footwear brand based here out of Toronto.

95% of their materials are natural and recycled, and their footwear is all free of virgin plastic!

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They also source their rubber from sustainably managed forests, which is amazing.

You might know them by their former name, Alice + Whittles!

They don’t have a huge selection of footwear, but they’ve got a good selection of classic and timeless shoes for all seasons.

Their Weekend Boots come in a bunch of colours, and their water-resistant upper makes them great for milder winters!

Price range: $138-$258 CAD

La Canadienne

La Canadienne is a Montreal-based women’s luxury footwear company that started out back in the 80’s, and they’ve been around for over 3 decades now.

They handcraft their trendy yet timeless shoes in Canada, Italy, and Spain using Italian leathers and suedes, and they’re made for all seasons (definitely a must for Canadian weather).

I adore these shearling-lined leather booties ($565) and these shearling suede booties ($598).

Their footwear is ethically made in their Montreal factory, one of the last family-owned Canadian shoe factories!

They’ve even got stylish outerwear and accessories, similar to Rudsak (an awesome Canadian outerwear brand).

Price range: $365-$695 CAD

Best Canadian winter boots:

  1. Kamik
  2. Cougar Shoes
  3. Sorel
  4. Roots
  5. Aldo Shoes
  6. Thesus
  7. La Canadienne

These were some of the best Canadian winter boots to shop, especially if you’re looking to support local brands here in Canada!

Will you be shopping any winter boots from these Canadian brands? What are the best winter boots you’ve had? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

You can find more of my fave products and items on my wishlist in my Amazon Shop.

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