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100+ Sustainable Fashion Brands to Shop in Canada

100+ Sustainable Fashion Brands to Shop in Canada

Looking for the best sustainable fashion and clothing brands in Canada?

Whether you’re looking to do better for the planet or support your local brands, there are tons of ethical and sustainable fashion brands you can shop in Canada.

I’ve included a wide range of fashion brands from across Canada, including everything from clothing to jewelry!

I also have a separate blog post about sustainable Toronto fashion brands if you’re a fellow Torontonian.

Here are some of the best sustainable fashion and clothing brands to shop in Canada, for women, men, and kids!

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Best sustainable fashion & clothing brands in Canada

Since there are so many incredible sustainable fashion and clothing brands from across Canada, I’ve categorized them according to:

  • Clothing & apparel
  • Swimwear
  • Outerwear
  • Footwear
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories

I’ve also listed them in alphabetical order, just to make things easier!

If you’re looking to shop from certain provinces or territories, I’ve also labelled where each brand is from in brackets.

Happy slow fashion shopping!

Sustainable clothing & apparel brands in Canada

Some of these sustainable fashion brands in Canada offer unisex clothing, while some only offer women’s, men’s, or children’s clothing.

To make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, I’ve separated them into categories below!

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Unisex brands

Ana + Zac: women’s & men’s clothing and accessories (Nova Scotia)

Anián: women’s & men’s clothing and accessories (British Columbia)

Buttercream Clothing: women’s & men’s clothing (Alberta)

Chloë Angus: women’s & men’s clothing (British Columbia)

Ecologyst: women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing (British Columbia)

The Anorak Jacket from Ecologyst, a Vancouver-based sustainable clothing brand
The Anorak Jacket from Ecologyst.

Frank and Oak: women’s & men’s clothing, footwear, and accessories (Quebec)

Good for Sunday: women’s & men’s clothing (Ontario)

Inner Fire Activewear: women’s & men’s activewear (British Columbia)

The Joyful Project: women’s & men’s clothing and accessories (Manitoba)

Kotn: women’s & men’s clothing (Ontario)

L/L Supply: women’s & men’s clothing and accessories (British Columbia)

Movement Global: women’s & men’s clothing and activewear (British Columbia)

Muttonhead: women’s, men’s, & kids’ clothing, outerwear, and accessories (Ontario)

Nomads Hemp Wear: women’s & men’s clothing, intimates, and footwear (British Columbia)

Obakki: women’s, men’s, & kids’ clothing and accessories (British Columbia)

Power of My People: women’s & men’s clothing (British Columbia)

RevampedShop: women’s & men’s clothing (Ontario)

Smash & Tess: women’s, men’s, & kids’ clothing (British Columbia)

Tentree: women’s, men’s, & kids’ clothing and accessories (Saskatchewan)

Terrera: women’s & men’s clothing (Ontario)

Thief and Bandit: women’s & kids’ clothing, activewear, and swimwear (Nova Scotia)

Tilley Endurables: women’s & men’s clothing and accessories (Ontario)

Women’s brands

Ajisai Kimono: women’s vintage kimonos and accessories (Saskatchewan)

Anne Mulaire: women’s clothing and activewear (Manitoba)

Arraei: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

Bellantoni: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

Blush: women’s intimates (Quebec)

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Daub + Design: women’s clothing and activewear (British Columbia)

Econica: women’s clothing and intimates (Ontario)

Eleven Thirty Shop: women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories (Ontario)

Eliza Faulkner: women’s clothing and accessories (Quebec)

Encircled: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Eve Gravel: women’s clothing (Quebec)

Fig Clothing: women’s clothing and outerwear (Quebec)

Fortnight Lingerie: women’s intimates and swimwear (Ontario)

Franc: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Free Label: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

Harly Jae: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

Haven Comfort: women’s loungewear (Ontario)

Hoi Bo: women’s clothing and accessories (Ontario)

House of Couture: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

Kowala Wear: women’s clothing (Ontario)

La Leur: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Mimi Bustier from La Leur, a Toronto-based sustainable clothing brand
The Mimi Bustier from La Leur.
Juliette Skirt from La Leur, a Toronto-based sustainable clothing brand
The Juliette Skirt from La Leur.

La Reyna: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Lezé the Label: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

Londre Bodywear: women’s intimates and loungewear (British Columbia)

Horses Atelier: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Mani Jassal: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Mary Young: women’s intimates and loungewear (Ontario)

Maylyn & Co: women’s loungewear and lingerie (Quebec)

Miik: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Mimi and August: women’s clothing, swimwear, and accessories (Quebec)

Nettle’s Tale: women’s clothing and swimwear (British Columbia)

NoMiNoU: women’s activewear (British Columbia)

Nourish Sweat Soul: women’s activewear (Alberta)

OkayOK: women’s & kids’ clothing and accessories (Ontario)

One Stop Sustainability Shop: women’s clothing (New Brunswick)

Oraki: women’s activewear (Quebec)

Ovate: women’s clothing (Quebec)

Peggy Sue Collection: women’s clothing and accessories (Ontario)

Preloved: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Public Myth: women’s activewear (British Columbia)

Sarah Sue Design: women’s clothing (Manitoba)

Serenity West: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

Sewn: women’s intimates (Alberta)

Soft Focus: women’s clothing (Ontario)

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TAMGA Designs: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Uncle Studios: women’s clothing (Ontario)

Ureshii: women’s clothing (Prince Edward Island)

Ursa Minor: women’s clothing (Quebec)

Wallis Evera: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

We Are Stories: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

We Are Stories: women’s clothing (British Columbia)

Men’s brands

Commonwealth Manufacturing: men’s clothing (Manitoba)

Mr. Cavaliere: men’s clothing (Ontario)

Children’s brands

Nudnik: kids’ clothing (Ontario)

Sustainable swimwear brands in Canada

If you’re looking for specifically Canadian bathing suit companies, check out these ones!

Beth Richards: women’s swimwear (British Columbia)

Minnow Bathers: women’s swimwear (Ontario)

The Saltwater Collective: women’s swimwear (Ontario)

Ūnika: women’s swimwear (Ontario)

Sustainable outerwear brands in Canada

Fairechild: women’s & kids’ outerwear (Nova Scotia)

Noize: women’s & men’s outerwear, loungewear, footwear, and accessories (Quebec)

Norden: women’s & men’s outerwear and accessories (Quebec)

SaveTheDuck: women’s, men’s, & kids’ outerwear (Quebec)

Wuxly: women’s & men’s outerwear (Ontario)

Sustainable footwear brands in Canada

Alice + Whittles: women’s footwear (Ontario)

Brave Soles: women’s & men’s footwear and accessories (Ontario)

Friday Sock Co.: women’s, men’s, & kids’ socks (Alberta)

Native Shoes: women’s, men’s, & kids’ footwear (British Columbia)

Poppy Barley: women’s & men’s footwear and accessories (Alberta)

Sustainable jewelry brands in Canada

Bluboho: women’s jewelry (Ontario)

Chayle: women’s jewelry (Ontario)

Cinderella Garbage: women’s jewelry (Quebec)

Dorothée Rosen: women’s jewelry (Nova Scotia)

Ecksand: women’s jewelry (Quebec)

FAIR. Jewelry: women’s jewelry (British Columbia)

Foe and Dear: women’s jewelry (British Columbia)

Frug Jewelry: women’s jewelry (Ontario)

Hart and Stone: women’s jewelry (British Columbia)

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Kim Drosdick Jewelry: women’s jewelry (Ontario)

Rauw Jewelry: women’s jewelry (British Columbia)

Spirit of Vera: women’s jewelry (Ontario)

TDN Creations: women’s jewelry (Quebec)

Ela Handbags Toronto
Ela Handbags is a sustainable Canadian accessory brand based out of Ontario.

Sustainable accessory brands in Canada

Anupaya: women’s accessories (Ontario)

Bookhou: women’s accessories (Ontario)

Cambio & Co.: women’s accessories (Ontario)

Chic Made Consciously: women’s accessories (Ontario)

Ela Handbags: women’s accessories (Ontario)

Matt & Nat: women’s & men’s outerwear, footwear, and accessories (Quebec)

Pixie Mood: women’s accessories (Ontario)

It’s incredible to see the sustainable fashion movement so strong in Canada, and it only goes up from here!

I’ll be continually updating this post as I find more sustainable Canadian fashion and clothing brands.

What are some of your favourite sustainable and slow fashion fashion brands in Canada? Did I miss any eco-friendly clothing brands on this list? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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