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9 Best Canadian Outerwear Brands to Shop

9 Best Canadian Outerwear Brands to Shop

Searching for the best Canadian outerwear brands to shop for this fall and winter season?

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new coat for fall/winter or support local Canadian brands, you’ll definitely love the selection of outerwear from these brands.

Here are some of the best Canadian outerwear brands to shop, whether you’re looking for fall jackets or winter coats!

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Best Canadian outerwear brands


Noize is a Montreal-based brand that makes vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable outerwear.

They repurpose recycled plastic bottles for their insulation fill inside their jackets, clothing, and accessories.

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Whether you’re looking for vests, puffer jackets, or winter parkas, they’ve got plenty of outerwear options available.

Plus, their jackets and coats are quite affordable!

I love this shiny cropped puffer, this long plaid coat, and this long faux fur coat!

Price Range: $70-$320

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak is a Montreal-based ethical and sustainable clothing brand that also offers outerwear.

They’re also a Certified B Corporation, which means they do good for the environment and for their workers!

I love this sherpa overpiece, this mid-length puffer coat, and this mid-length parka.

They started out back in 2012, and actually used to have a clothing subscription service that you might remember if you were shopping from them just a couple of years ago!

Price Range: $89.50-$499

Soia & Kyo

Soia & Kyo is another awesome Montreal-based outerwear brand, and their pieces are a little more feminine.

They also have some sustainable pieces made with recycled materials, including both clothing and outerwear!

I adore this short faux fur jacket and this houndstooth wool coat.

Price Range: $135-$895


Arc’teryx is a Vancouver-based sportswear brand known for their performance-based outerwear.

Vancouver is located near some of the most beautiful nature and hiking trails in the country, so they definitely know what they’re doing!

They make their products at factories here in Canada and around the world, and they’re working towards being Fair Trade Certified.

I love this puffer vest, this hiking jacket, and this long winter parka.

Price Range: $170-$1300

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Mackage is also based out of Montreal, and they make amazing leather jackets and winter parkas.

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They’re actually owned by the same group that owns Soia & Kyo!

I absolutely adore their edgy style, and though their pieces are pricy, the quality is impeccable and their jackets will literally last you forever.

I’ve had my Mackage leather jacket for 8 years now, and it’s still in perfect condition!

While they are known for their outerwear, they also have some ready-to-wear clothing pieces you can shop as well.

I’m obsessed with this classic leather jacket, this short puffer jacket, and this long wool coat.

Price Range: $350-$1590

Ladurée Yorkdale Mall


Rudsak is another outerwear brand based out of Montreal, and their pieces are similar to Mackage with the whole edgy look.

From leather jackets, to down jackets, to wool coats, they have so many gorgeous outerwear pieces.

They also have some ready-to-wear pieces like tops, bottoms, and dresses!

Price Range: $395-$1695

Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles is a luxury Canadian outerwear brand known for their winter parkas, and they’re based out of Montreal.

Their fur is ethically-sourced, and they keep the natural colour of the fur.

I love the little fur pom poms they have on the women’s winter parkas!

They also have quite a few cozy loungewear pieces on their site.

Price Range: $490-$1424

Canada Goose Victoria Jacket

Canada Goose

I’ve owned several Canada Goose jackets in my lifetime, and their quality is one of the greatest for Canadian winters.

While Canada Goose jackets are quite expensive, they will last you forever, especially with the lifetime warranty!

I’ve been wearing my Victoria parka every winter for the last 6 years, and it’s still in amazing condition.

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Their jackets are also made in Canada, which is awesome!

I’m obsessed with this rain jacket, this puffer jacket, and this long pastel coat.

Price Range: $495-$1950

Winter parka from Nobis Canada


Nobis is another luxury outerwear brand, and it was actually founded by the former Vice President of Canada Goose!

They use ethically-sourced Canadian duck down in their outerwear, and you can’t go wrong with a classic winter parka.

I also love this chic trench coat and this belted mid-length parka!

Their jackets can also be home laundered, so you don’t need to pay for dry cleaning!

Price Range: $280-$1995

Best Canadian outerwear brands:

  1. Noize
  2. Frank and Oak
  3. Soia & Kyo
  4. Arc’teryx
  5. Mackage
  6. Rudsak
  7. Moose Knuckles
  8. Canada Goose
  9. Nobis

These were some of the best Canadian outerwear brands to shop this fall/winter season!

Have you shopped from any of these brands? What are your favourite Canadian outerwear brands? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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