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50 Random Facts About Me

50 Random Facts About Me

Wow, how narcissistic of me to be writing 50 random facts about me.

But if you’re reading this… I guess you’re as interested in hearing them as I am writing them 😛

Funny thing: I originally wrote this 5 years ago (back in 2016), and while most of these things are still true, some of it is a little outdated.

I’ll put little notes beside anything that’s changed, ‘cuz 2021 Jess ain’t the same as 2016 Jess.

I know this tag is all over YouTube, but I thought I’d do a lil’ blog version for the fun of it.

Here are 50 random facts about me that you might not know already!

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50 random facts about me

1. I was born on April Fool’s Day.

2. I’ve never been pranked on my birthday.

3. I’m half Chinese and half Vietnamese.

4. Both my parents are also half Chinese and half Vietnamese.

5. I can only speak English.

6. I have two siblings: a younger brother and a younger sister.


7. My favourite movie of all time is Pretty Woman.

8. My favourite TV shows of all time are Weeds and Dexter.

9. Gory movies don’t sicken me. Human Centipede makes me laugh.

10. I have a dark sense of humour.

11. I’m funnier on the internet. I’m usually the only one laughing at my own jokes in real life.

12. I can’t swim. (2021 update: can ~somewhat~ swim.)

13. I don’t want to have kids. (2021 update: totally undecided, but definitely getting baby fever from everyone else having babies.)

14. I hate surprises.

15. I’d eat pizza everyday if I could.

General Assembly Pizza, Toronto

16. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 12.

17. I love social media, especially Instagram. I used to obsessed with Twitter.

18. When I’m productive, I’m extremely productive, and when I’m lazy, I’m extremely lazy. There is no in-between.

19. I’m an awkward person.

20. I’m an Atheist.

21. I personally don’t see anything past death. I think when you die, you’re gone forever.

21. I only like popcorn if it’s topped with ketchup powder. (2021 update: I think Chicago mix popcorn might be my favourite.)

22. My favourite book of all time is Looking for Alaska by John Green.

23. I have a tattoo of a quote from Looking for Alaska.

John Green quote tattoo from Looking for Alaska

24. I regret my first tattoo. I got it when I was 17.

25. My parents took me to get my first tattoo.

26. I have one industrial and two cartilage piercings. (2021 update: the industrial is the only one left standing.)

27. I get paranoid about a lot of things and my friends make fun of me for it.

28. I’m obsessed with making spreadsheets.

29. I’m very impulsive.

30. I’m horrible at thinking of gifts to get for people.

31. I like writing poetry.

32. Sunsets make me really happy.

Sunset in Iceland

33. I’m extremely ticklish and I will kick you in the face if you tickle me.

34. My favourite colour combination is red and pink.

35. I love coffee.

Milano Coffee Roasters in Vancouver, British Columbia

36. My favourite numbers are 6 and 17.

37. I don’t really eat vegetables. (2021 update: slowly adding vegetables to my diet so your girl can poop better.)

38. I actually like kale.

39. I like naming my plants.

40. The only pets I’ve ever had were fish. I want a kitten or a puppy someday.

41. Psychology fascinates me. If I wasn’t in media, I’d probably be studying that.

42. I taught myself HTML by designing webpages for my Neopets.

43. I used to make Runescape music videos.

Runescape from the early 2000s

44. I have a horrible memory. I don’t remember a lot of things from my past and I even have a hard time remembering recent conversations.

45. My favourite flowers are roses.

Urban Outfitters choker graphic tee with Alpha Industries red bomber jacket

46. The barf jellybean in Bean Boozled is one of the worst things to ever happen to me.

47. Public speaking terrifies me.

48. Bugs terrify me.

49. I love Indian and Mexican food.

Wilbur Mexicana, Toronto

50. I believe in the law of attraction.

Do you relate to any of these 50 random facts about me? What are some random facts about you? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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