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7 Lunar New Year Outfit Ideas

7 Lunar New Year Outfit Ideas

Looking for Lunar New Year outfits to give you some inspiration on what to wear this year?

My family never really did much for Lunar New Year – we just spent time with family and ate lots of food.

We did know it was good luck to wear red and to wear something brand new for the new year, but we didn’t really follow any superstitions!

I’ve actually been calling it Chinese New Year all my life, but the more appropriate term when referring to the celebration as a whole is Lunar New Year, because a number of different Asian cultures celebrate the occasion.

Without further ado, here are some Lunar New Year outfit ideas to wear to celebrate the year of the tiger!

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Lunar New Year outfits

Lunar New Year outfit - grey cropped hoodie + red sweatpants

Hoodie + red sweatpants

If you’re planning on just chillin’ at home with your family (or by yourself) for Lunar New Year, red sweatpants are festive enough for the occasion.

I love that these red sweats are high waisted, so they look v cute paired with a cropped hoodie.

Lunar New Year outfit - red dress

Red dress

If you’re feelin’ fancy, throw on your best red dress to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture, which is why you’ll see so many Lunar New Year decorations in red (and gold!)

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Lunar New Year outfit - black tank + black button up shirt + red leather skirt

Black top + red skirt

I absolutely adore this red vintage skirt, and I made it the star of the show by pairing it with a simple black tank and black button-up top.

Lunar New Year outfit - red turtleneck with gold pleated midi skirt

Red turtleneck + gold midi skirt

Red and gold is the ultimate Lunar New Year combo if you’re looking to go all out.

I’m wearing a red turtleneck from UNIQLO and a gold skirt from M Boutique.

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Red sweater + black miniskirt

You can’t go wrong with a good sweater + skirt combo, and it’s a super easy outfit to throw on for Lunar New Year.

Wear a red sweater or red skirt and pair it with either black or gold.

Just don’t wear white, ’cause that’s the colour of death in Chinese culture.

If you’re looking to make the outfit more conservative, wear a pair of sheer or opaque tights!

Baddies Cafe, Toronto

Red turtleneck + trousers

I literally live in turtlenecks all fall and winter season, and I love how chic and elevated they make any outfit.

Wear a nice pair of trousers for an office-friendly look!

You can either wear a red turtleneck with a neutral pair of trousers or a neutral turtleneck with a red pair of trousers.

Just don’t wear white, ’cause of what I said earlier.

Winter at the Distillery District Toronto

Red sweater + leggings

Having a more low-key Lunar New Year celebration that involves eating lots of food?

In that case, you’ll want to throw on a stretchy pair of leggings for your food baby.

Of course, you’ve gotta wear a red sweater to keep it festive!

Lunar New Year outfits to wear:

  1. Hoodie + red sweatpants
  2. Red dress
  3. Black top + red skirt
  4. Red turtleneck + gold midi skirt
  5. Red sweater + miniskirt
  6. Turtleneck + trousers
  7. Sweater + leggings
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These were some Lunar New Year outfits to give you some inspiration on what to wear to celebrate the year of the tiger!

Of course, you’ll also want to throw on some gold jewelry for extra good luck for the new year.

You can wear a cheongsam (traditional Chinese dress) if you want, but tbh I think people usually wear a red one for their wedding day.

O-Mighty Chinese New Year outfit

A cheongsam is usually in a similar print to my outfit above!

I got it a bajillion years ago from an online shop called O-Mighty, and I honestly never wore it anywhere ’cause it ain’t family-appropriate or even appropriate to wear outside (maybe at a music festival?)

Anyway, hopefully this post gave you some inspo on your outfits for Lunar New Year this year!

Will you be celebrating Lunar New Year this year? What will you be wearing? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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