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15 Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Toronto

15 Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Toronto

On the hunt for the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto to visit?

I absolutely adore Middle Eastern cuisine – anything with tons of spices and tons of flavours is my kind of thing, and Middle Eastern food fits the bill for all things flavourful!

There are so many incredible Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto, whether you’re looking for a casual spot or a nicer restaurant to dine at.

Here are some of the best Middle Eastern restaurants to visit in Toronto!

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Best Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto

Maha’s Egyptian Brunch

If you’re in the mood for brunch, you definitely need to hit up Maha’s.

This beloved and wildly popular Leslieville brunch restaurant serves up authentic and traditional Egyptian dishes, all made from scratch using fresh ingredients.

From their Egyptian Falafel, to their Date Grilled Cheese, to their award-winning Lentil Soup, they’ve got a variety of incredibly delicious menu items.

You’ll also find some fantastic Middle Eastern drinks like their Honey Cardamom Latte, Turkish Delight (Turkish coffee with milk), and Tea with Mint.

LOCATION: 226 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, ON


This super cute and casual Israeli restaurant in the Beaches serves up delicious Mediterrannean and Middle Eastern dishes.

All of Limon’s dishes are made using fresh and local ingredients, with Israeli faves like their Israeli Salad, Hummus, and Falafel Pita.

They’ve also got a variety of drink options, including espresso-based drinks like their Halva Latte or their selection of local and international beers and wines.

They’re open every single day for both lunch and dinner!

LOCATION: 1968 Queen St E, Toronto, ON


Parallel is a casual Middle Eastern eatery located by Dupont & Dufferin, and they actually produce their own tahini on-site!

Tahini is used in most of the dishes on their family-style menu, as well as in every single one of their products.

Shareables are the main thing here, with a variety of Middle Eastern dips to choose from.

You’ll also find creative mains like their Sea Bream on Freekeh Risotto and Lamb Shank with Polenta Fries, as well as weekend brunch options.

They’ve also got some delicious house cocktails and mocktails alongside wines and local craft beers.

LOCATION: 217 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON

Zezafoun Syrian Cuisine

This cute and cozy Syrian restaurant in Midtown Toronto serves up a wide range of home-cooked Syrian dishes in their eclectic space.

Alongside traditional Syrian dishes, you’ll find shawarma wraps and platters.

They’ve even got brunch, with interesting dishes like their Jaz Maz (AKA shakshuka) and their Syrian Omelette!

The interior is absolutely adorable, and they’ve also got a lovely patio during the summer months.

If you can’t get enough of Zezafoun, you can shop their pantry items to take home with you.

They’ve got unique items like Rose Jam and Eggplant Jam, and everything is made from organic ingredients!

LOCATION: 4 Manor Rd E, Toronto, ON

Nile River Restaurant

Nile River serves up authentic Egyptian cuisine and street food eats at their restaurant in the heart of Little Italy.

Enjoy appetizers like their signature Fried Beef Liver and mains like their Hawawshi (meat-stuffed pita) and Koshari Signature Plate (Egypt’s national dish!)

All of their menu items are also halal, which is great for my friends who eat halal.

They even have an ancient Egyptian-inspired mural in the restaurant!

LOCATION: 598 College St, Toronto, ON

Pomegranate Restaurant

This long-standing Persian restaurant on College offers up authentic and home-style Iranian cuisine.

You’ll find a variety of delicious stews and rice dishes, including their Shirin Polo (braised lamb shank with saffron basmati rice) and Aloo Gheysi (chicken stew).

All of their meat is also halal, in case you eat halal!

The interior of the restaurant is also super nice, with traditional Persian art and decor adorning the walls.

LOCATION: 420 College St, Toronto, ON

Fet Zun

Fet Zun is by the same people behind the Bib Gourmand-designated Fat Pasha, and they serve up more casual Middle Eastern shareable dishes alongside signature cocktails.

You’ll find falafel and shawarma plates and sandwiches alongside french fries topped with za’atar (an essential Middle Eastern spice).

You’ve gotta try their Sabich, which is a heavenly sandwich made up with fried eggplant, a hard boiled egg, and pickles.

Fet Zun is located in the Annex neighbourhood, right by Dupont Station.

They’ve also got a stunning patio you can dine on during the summer!

LOCATION: 252 Dupont St, Toronto, ON

Fat Pasha

Fat Pasha is also located in the Annex, about a 5 minute walk west of Fet Zun.

They serve up Middle Eastern and European Jewish fare on their short but sweet menu, with a heavenly selection of classic Middle Eastern dips to choose from.

The Fat Salatim Platter is perfect for sharing, and comes with the Chef’s selection of dips, falafel, and pita.

For mains, you can enjoy dishes like their Za’atar Roasted Half Chicken or their Whole Roasted Cauliflower.

The restaurant interior is super cozy, and they’ve also got a really nice back patio during the summer months.

Fat Pasha received Bib Gourmand designation on the 2022 Toronto Michelin Guide, which is really cool!

LOCATION: 414 Dupont St, Toronto, ON


This chic Middle Eastern restaurant in Toronto offers up delicious and authentic Armenian cuisine.

Try Armenian dishes like their Kibbeh Nayeh (beef tartare), Mante (dumplings), or Jingyalov Hatz (veggie-stuffed flatbread).

If you’re visiting during the summer months, they’ve got a gorgeous front patio you can enjoy!

You can find Mayrik in the upscale Leaside neighbourhood.

LOCATION: 1580 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON

Darna Middle Eastern Kitchen

Darna is another incredible Middle Eastern restaurant located in the chic Leaside neighbourhood.

Their menu is inspired by flavours across the Middle East, and shareables are the main thing here.

Definitely order the Darna Sampler, which comes with their hummus, labneh, and mutabal dips alongside homemade bread.

You’ll also find dishes that you won’t really find at other restaurants, like their Rushtayeh (Palestinian lentil and noodle stew) and their Kufta Tahini (oven-baked meat and tahini casserole).

Their signature cocktails and mocktails are perfect for pairing with your meal, or you can go for a glass of one of their local or international wines.

Their Za’atar Paloma features a unique za’atar simple syrup!

LOCATION: 1613 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON

The Haifa Room

This chic Israeli restaurant by Dundas & Ossington serves up all the classic Middle Eastern faves like Hummus, Falafel, and Kofta.

They offer lunch plates during the day with options like their Sabich and Palestinian Chicken, and they’ve also got brunch on weekends.

You’ll also find a small selection of local craft beers, wines, and craft cocktails to enjoy alongside your meal!

LOCATION: 224 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON


Tabule is one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto, serving up authentic Lebanese cuisine.

Enjoy appetizers like Hummus and Fried Eggplant alongside mains like Veal, Kefta, and Grilled Salmon.

They’ve got locations in Midtown Toronto (the original), Riverside, Bayview Village.

They’ve also got a more casual spot called Souk Tabule in the Canary District, where you’ll find quick bites like wraps and sandwiches.

LOCATION: Various locations

Azhar Kitchen & Bar

Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine is what you’ll find at Azhar.

They’ve got some really unique dishes on the menu, including their Fermented Potato Pita and their Hummus Masabacha (with mango amba and spicy cauliflower).

They’ve also got some Middle Eastern fusion dishes like their Hamachi with pomegranate, Beef Tartare with harissa aioli, and Wood Fired Octopus with charred jalapeno tzatziki.

Azhar is located right on the trendy Ossington strip, and they’re open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner and weekends for brunch.

LOCATION: 96 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON


Enjoy upscale and contemporary Eastern Mediterranean fare at Byblos.

Go for something a little more traditional like their Turkish Manti Dumplings, or try something more unique like their Wagyu Lahmeh.

Their original location is in the Entertainment District, and they’ve also got a location in Midtown Toronto by Yonge & Eglinton!

LOCATION: Various locations

Paramount Fine Foods, Toronto

Paramount Fine Foods

Of course, we can’t forget the iconic Paramount Fine Foods, which is the largest Middle Eastern chain in Toronto.

Paramount offers a mix of traditional Middle Eastern eats alongside fusion dishes inspired by other cultures, like their Yalla Special (AKA Middle Eastern poutine).

Paramount Fine Foods, Toronto
The Yalla Special features chicken shawarma, garlic, and tahini over fries.

If you’re a shawarma lover, you absolutely need to try their Beef Shawarma – the beef is cooked to perfection.

Shawarma from Paramount Fine Foods in Toronto

Manakeesh is another must-try dish, and it’s basically a Middle Eastern pizza.

It’s a traditional Middle Eastern breakfast item, and it’s usually served with toppings like cheese, zaatar, thyme, or meat.

Paramount Fine Foods, Toronto
Left half is the Cheese Manakeesh made with akawi and mozzarella, right half is the Zaatar Manakeesh with thyme, sesame seeds, and olive oil.

One of my absolute fave things about Middle Eastern cuisine is the incredible dips, and the Mezza Plate features Hummas (hummus), Tabbouleh, and Mautaball (the additional crunch of the pomegranate seeds is so good).

Paramount Fine Foods, Toronto
The Mezza Plate features Hummas, Tabbouleh, and Mautaball for dipping.
Paramount Fine Foods, Toronto
A closeup of the hummus because #foodporn.

I also really love the breads at Paramount – they taste very fresh, definitely not like your typical grocery store bread.

Paramount Fine Foods, Toronto
These pillowy breads are fun to look at and delicious to eat.

If you’re in the mood for a fun dessert/drink, the Paramount Special is one of the best and most epic smoothies you’ll ever have.

It has layers of fresh strawberry and mango juices with a variety of mixed tropical fruits, almonds, crushed pistachios, ashta cream, and honey, and it’s oh-so-delicious.

Paramount Fine Foods, Toronto
The Paramount Special is one of the best smoothies you’ll ever have.

They’ve also got some pretty fantastic Baklava, which is one of my fave Middle Eastern desserts.

Paramount Fine Foods, Toronto

Paramount has locations all across the GTA, including a restaurant right by Yonge & Dundas!

LOCATION: Various locations

Best Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto:

  1. Maha’s Egyptian Brunch
  2. Limon
  3. Parallel
  4. Zezafoun Syrian Cuisine
  5. Nile River Restaurant
  6. Pomegranate Restaurant
  7. Fet Zun
  8. Fat Pasha
  9. Mayrik
  10. Darna Middle Eastern Kitchen
  11. The Haifa Room
  12. Tabule
  13. Azhar Kitchen & Bar
  14. Byblos
  15. Paramount Fine Foods

These were some of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto to visit!

Have you tried any of these Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto? What are the best places to get Middle Eastern food in Toronto in your opinion? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Looking for the best Middle Eastern food in Toronto? From manakeesh to baklava, Paramount Fine Foods serves up some of the best Middle Eastern cuisine.

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