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8 Canadian-Made Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Shop

8 Canadian-Made Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Shop

Looking for great Mother’s Day gift ideas in Canada to shop?

Mother’s day is coming up quickly, so here’s a little Mother’s Day gift guide for y’all featuring a few great ideas that are all made in Canada.

Moms do so much for us, and they truly deserve the best.

Whether it’s for your mom, someone you love like a mom, your grandma, your wife, or any mom you know, they’re bound to love at least one of these Mother’s Day gift ideas (that are all made in Canada!)

Here are some Canadian-made Mother’s Day gift ideas your mom will definitely love, for all budgets.

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Lohn Toronto candle

LOHN candle

Gift your mom the perfect scent from LOHN, a Toronto-based candle company that hand pours their candles here in Canada.

They even have a scent quiz on their website to make it a bit easier to help find the perfect scent for your momma.

The Feu and Illa are my faves, and they’re the scents I actually got matched with myself!

Routine Deodorant

Routine deodorant

Clean beauty is making its waves in the beauty world, and Routine is one of my fave clean beauty brands in Canada.

They make some of the best clean deodorants in town, and they even manufacture their products here in Canada!

They’ve got a bunch of pretty scents that’ll definitely make your mom happy, and I love both Sexy Sadie and Superstar (charcoal).

Their glasses are also refillable, so she can take it back to an eligible store to get it refilled once it’s empty.

You can shop Routine deodorants on or Amazon Canada!

Smash & Tess romper

Smash & Tess rompers are super cute and super cozy to lounge around the house in, and your mom will definitely love.

They’re a Vancouver-based sustainable fashion brand that manufactures their clothing pieces here in Canada!

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Bluboho jewelry

You can’t go wrong with some beautiful, high-quality jewelry as a Mother’s Day gift.

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Bluboho handcrafts their jewelry here in Toronto, and they’ve got plenty of amazing 14K gold and white diamond pieces you can shop for your mama.

They even have a whole Mother’s Day edit you can shop, and some pieces can be engraved!

Drizzle honey

If your mom loves cooking or even just enjoys drinking tea with honey, why not gift her some ~fancy~ honey produced in Canada?

Drizzle is a Calgary-based food company that offers raw, bee-friendly, superfood-powered, and locally-produced honey.

Pick up one of their flavoured honeys (like the turmeric or berry) or just grab the trio gift set to make life easier!

Stratus icewine

Stratus is one of my favourite local wineries here in Ontario, and their icewines are absolutely incredible.

If your mom’s got a sweet tooth, she’ll definitely love their selection of icewines, which you can shop at the LCBO or on their website.

They’re based out of Niagara-on-the-Lake, so maybe you’ll even be able to take a road trip with your mom to their vineyard this summer!

Also a fun fact: icewine is spelled without a space in-between in Canada.

Microwaveable heating and cooling pads from The Flax Pac, a Canadian company based out of Hamilton, Ontario!

The Flax Pac

If your mom tends to spend long hours at her desk or in the car, she’s definitely appreciate a Flax Pac.

Flax Pacs are microwaveable flax seed heating and cooling pads, and they’re great for soothing sore necks and backs!

You can get them scented and unscented, so if she’s not crazy about scents or lavender, you can choose between the two.

They use Canadian-grown flax seed and lavender, and their products are handmade here in Ontario!

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Custom illustration by Stephanie Anne Illustration

Looking to gift your mom something a bit more meaningful for Mother’s Day?

Commission a custom digital watercolour illustration commissioned by Montreal-based artist Stephanie Anne Illustration!

Simply send a photo in, choose the number of people or pets, and decide whether you want a background or not.

Mother’s Day gift ideas in Canada:

  1. LOHN candle
  2. Routine deodorant
  3. Smash & Tess romper
  4. Bluboho jewelry
  5. Drizzle honey
  6. Stratus icewine
  7. The Flax Pac
  8. Custom illustration by Stephanie Anne Illustration

Have you picked up any Mother’s Day gifts yet? Have any other cool Mother’s Day gift ideas to shop in Canada? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

Also, happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mamas out there 💕

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