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20 Best Canadian-Made Gift Ideas to Shop

20 Best Canadian-Made Gift Ideas to Shop

Looking for the best Canadian-made gift ideas to shop so you can support local makers here in Canada?

Whether you’re looking for simpler or more splurge-worthy gifts, I’ve included a wide range of Canadian-made gift ideas to help you shop for your friends and loved ones.

We’ve got to do our best to support local, and shopping gifts that are made in Canada is an awesome way to do that!

Here are some of the best Canadian-made gift ideas to shop.

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More Canadian brands

If you’re looking for even more local Canadian brands to support, you might enjoy these posts:

Best Canadian-made gift ideas

Routine Deodorant

Routine deodorant

If you’re looking for made-in-Canada gift ideas for the beauty lover in your life, you’ll definitely want to check out the brand Routine.

They make some of the best clean deodorants in town, and they manufacture their products here in Canada!

Routine is based out of Calgary, and that’s where they make all of their clean and natural beauty products.

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They’ve got a bunch of lovely deodorant scents, and I love both Sexy Sadie and Superstar (charcoal).

Their glasses are also refillable, so the beauty lover in your life can take it back to an eligible store to get it refilled once it’s empty.

You can shop Routine deodorants on or Amazon Canada!

I also have a blog post all about other amazing Canadian clean beauty brands if you’re interesting in learning about more awesome brands.

Kim and Pom candle

If you’re looking for simple yet practical Canadian-made gift ideas, a locally-made and hand-poured candle is perfect.

There are tons of awesome local candle companies that hand pour their own candles here in Canada, and the homebody in your life will definitely love a Kim and Pom candle as a gift.

Their candles are made with soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks, so they’re eco-friendly and toxin-free!

They’re hand-poured here in Ontario and packaged in sustainable packaging.

Go for the Mulled Cider scent or Cinnamon Bun scent!

Lohn Toronto candle

LOHN candle

LOHN is another one of my favourite candle companies in Canada, and they’re based out of Toronto.

They’re actually home to Toronto’s very first scent studio, which is pretty cool!

They even have a scent quiz on their website so you can find your perfect scent.

The Feu and Illa are my faves, and they’re the scents I actually got matched with on the quiz.

Oath the Label candle

For the candle lover who also loves home decor, they’ll absolutely love an Oath the Label candle.

Their body-shaped candles are literally a work of art, and since each one is handmade, every one of them is unique.

I love that they have bodies of all different sizes, including a pregnant body-shaped candle!

They make their handcrafted candles out of pure soy wax, so it’s vegan-friendly as well.

Their candles are actually more for home decor than burning (they’re also unscented), but they’re still gorgeous pieces for gifting!

Microwaveable heating and cooling pads from The Flax Pac, a Canadian company based out of Hamilton, Ontario!

The Flax Pac

For the person who spends long hours at their desk or in the car, they’ll appreciate a Flax Pac.

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Their microwaveable flax seed heating and cooling pads are great for soothing sore necks and backs!

They use Canadian-grown flax seed and lavender, and they make their products here in Ontario.

Print from Custom Car Posters

Got a car enthusiast in your life to shop for?

Perhaps your car lover friend can spruce up their space with a cool custom car print.

Custom Car Posters is Vancouver-based, and they make each illustrated print to order, which you can customize!

I’m personally a Bimmer gal, but they’ve got prints of other car companies as well like Ford, Volkswagen, and Tesla.

Drizzle honey

You can’t really go wrong with Canadian-made food products as gifts – who doesn’t love to eat?!

For the health nut or sweet tooth in your life, grab them the gift of sweet, sweet honey.

Drizzle is a Calgary-based food company that offers raw, bee-friendly, superfood-powered, and locally-produced honey.

Pick up one of their flavoured honeys (like the turmeric or berry) or just grab the trio gift set to make it easier!

Kozlik’s mustard

For the foodie in your life, they’ll definitely appreciate a jar (or a few) of Kozlik’s mustard, which is made here in Canada.

You can do so much with gourmet mustard in the kitchen, and it tastes totally different from typical grocery store mustard!

The Amazing Maple and Sweet & Smokey flavours are my absolute fave.

Fun fact that you can write in the holiday card: Canada is the largest mustard producer in the world!

Pepper North hot sauce

Adam and I love dousing hot sauces on anything and everything, and Pepper North is one of our favourite hot sauce brands.

They make their sauces here in Ontario, and they are hecka delicious.

Grab the 3-piece gift set for the spice enthusiast in your life!

Larch Wood Canada cutting board

Shopping for someone who absolutely loves spending time in the kitchen?

The home cook in your life will absolutely appreciate a handcrafted cutting board from Larch Wood Canada.

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Their cutting boards are handmade from the wood of larch trees on Cape Breton Island, and every single board is unique.

Cabot Trail Maple Cream

Cabot Trail Maple Cream

Fancy something a little sweet?

Premium Canadian maple syrup and fresh cream make this heavenly cream liqueur the perfect holiday gift.

Cabot Trail Maple Cream literally tastes like a maple donut, so it’s perfect for the sweet tooth in your life.

They can drink it on its own with some ice, mix it into their coffee, or turn it into a cocktail!

You can get Cabot Trail Cream at the LCBO here in Ontario.

Purdy's Chocolatiers holiday gift chocolates

Purdy’s chocolates

For the sweet tooth in your life, you can’t go wrong with some Canadian-made chocolates for gifts!

Purdy’s started out as a small handmade chocolate shop in Vancouver over a century ago, and now it’s one of the largest chocolatiers in Canada.

They have the most incredible holiday chocolate selections, and the peppermint bark is my and Adam’s absolute fave – we get it every Christmas!

The Dear Santa chocolate bars are another fantastic holiday chocolate, and Purdy’s donates $2 from the sale of each bar to supporting Canadian children’s hospitals.

Toronto holiday gift basket from Saul Good Gift Co.

Gift basket from Saul Good Gift Co.

If thinking about individual holiday gifts stresses you out, maybe getting a local Canadian-made gift basket will make things easier.

Saul Good is a Canadian company that curates local gift baskets specifically for Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, as well as Canada-wide!

I love their C-Sweet Gift Basket, which features all Ontario-made confections and treats.

They’re also a certified B Corp, which means they do great for their employees and for the world.

Emery & Opal jewelry

Emery & Opal is one of my fave Canadian jewelry brands, and they’re based out of Montreal.

They make beautiful and minimal sterling silver and gold-filled jewelry pieces, and quite a few of them are customizable (like this initial and birthstone necklace).

Your gift receiver will love the fact that they’re wearing something Canadian-made!

Bless and Soul jewelry Toronto

Bless and Soul jewelry

For the spiritual person in your life, they’ll adore these handmade crystal bracelets from Bless and Soul.

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Handmade in Toronto, each piece is inspired by mother nature and made with intention.

The Amplifying and Clearing Negative Energy bracelet is my fave – it’s beautiful and it’s exactly my vibe!

Lupa beanie

Ain’t nothing better than looking cute while being warm, and it’s nice to wear Canadian-made while weathering out Canadian winters.

Lupa is an awesome Canadian outerwear and accessory brand, and they make everything at their factory in Montreal.

Grab your giftee a warm beanie that’s suited for the coldest of cold weather (and Quebec gets pretty darn cold).

I love this fun hot pink beanie and this knit red beanie!

Smash & Tess rompers

For cozy winter nights in, Smash & Tess rompers are perfect.

They’re a Vancouver-based sustainable fashion brand that manufactures their clothing pieces here in Canada!

They’ve got super cute and cozy rompers that you’ll want to even get for yourself.

Uppdoo bag

Each and every bag at Uppdoo is handcrafted here in Toronto, so you know it’s made with love.

They make unique bags and accessories that will definitely satisfy the fashionista in your life.

If you’re looking to gift something extra special, they even make custom leather bags!

Roots leather bag

Did y’all know Roots leather products are handcrafted at their factory here in Toronto?

Their leather bags literally last forever – the quality is impeccable!

Canada Goose Victoria Jacket

Canada Goose jacket

You probably already know of Canada Goose, but you probably didn’t know their jackets are made in Canada!

I’ve owned several Canada Goose jackets in my lifetime, and their quality is one of the greatest for Canadian winters.

If you’re looking to splurge on a holiday gift for someone, a Canada Goose jacket will last them a lifetime (especially with the lifetime warranty)!

I’ve been wearing my Victoria parka every winter for the last 6 years, and it’s still in amazing condition.

You can also grab Canada Goose accessories like a tuque or mittens to help your giftee brave out the Canadian cold.

8 Unique Toronto-Themed Holiday Gifts to Shop

Best Canadian-made gift ideas to shop this Christmas:

  1. Routine deodorant
  2. Kim and Pom candle
  3. Lohn candle
  4. Oath the Label candle
  5. The Flax Pac
  6. Print from Custom Car Posters
  7. Drizzle honey
  8. Kozlik’s mustard
  9. Pepper North hot sauce
  10. Larch Wood Canada cutting board
  11. Cabot Trail Cream
  12. Purdy’s chocolates
  13. Gift basket from Saul Good Gift Co.
  14. Emery & Opal jewelry
  15. Bless and Soul jewelry
  16. Lupa beanie
  17. Smash & Tess rompers
  18. Uppdoo bag
  19. Roots leather bag
  20. Canada Goose jacket

These were some of the best made-in-Canada gift ideas to shop this Christmas season, no matter who you’re shopping for!

What are some of your favourite Canadian-made brands to shop for gifts? Do you have any other great made-in-Canada holiday gift ideas? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

You can find more of my fave products and items on my wishlist in my Amazon Shop.

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Canadian-made holiday gift ideas to shop for your friends and loved ones, so you can feel good supporting local while shopping for gifts!