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7 Best Coffee Shops in Toronto’s Yorkville

7 Best Coffee Shops in Toronto’s Yorkville

Looking for the best coffee shops in Yorkville to grab delicious brews and pastries?

Yorkville is known as the swanky part of Toronto, and it’s definitely a lovely area to explore.

While there are a lot of luxury stores in Yorkville, there are also mid-range stores like Aritzia and Nordstrom Rack in the neighbourhood!

I also love hitting up Eataly for Italian groceries whenever I’m in the area.

Here are some of the top Yorkville coffee shops you absolutely must visit in Toronto!

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Best Yorkville coffee shops

Sorry Coffee Co

Sorry Coffee Co is one of my fave cafés in Toronto, and they’ve got all kinds of incredible specialty coffee drinks.

Their café is super cute, and you can find it at the back of the Kit & Ace store in its own little spot.

There are a limited number of seats though, so arrive early if you want one or just grab takeout and head over to the Yorkville Rock to enjoy your coffee!

You can also peep out the latest at Kit & Ace, one of the best clothing brands in Canada.

LOCATION: 102 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON

Sorry Coffee, Toronto
The copper machines and marble counters make for aesthetically-pleasing decor at Sorry Coffee Co.
Sorry Coffee, Toronto
Latte art from Sorry Coffee Co.

Goldstruck Coffee

Goldstruck is below ground so it’s a little dark inside, but it’s still a super cute and cozy café to visit!

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They use organic and fairtrade coffee beans, which are all ground fresh to order.

Try their unique Halva Latte or Cayenne Latte, or go for a classic Cappuccino!

They make their own pastries and cookies in-house, and they even have a small selection of sandwiches and salads on the menu if you’re hungry.

LOCATION: 130 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON

A-OK Cafe

Did y’all know Aritzia now has their own café?

You can find A-OK at a few Aritzia stores in both Canada and the USA, and one of them is on Bloor Street in Toronto.

Try their Matcha Lemonade or their Honey Yuzu Espresso Soda!

They’ve got quite a few tables inside if you’re looking to get some work done, or some cute patio seating out front if you’re looking to enjoy a coffee date in the sun.

LOCATION: 50 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON

Coco Espresso Bar

Get an authentic taste of Southern Italy at this café in Yorkville that also serves up some of the best gelato in Toronto!

From Cappuccinos to Macchiatos, they’ve got all the classic espresso drinks on the menu.

They also make their handcrafted gelato in an old Italian style using organic ingredients, so you’re truly getting the real deal here.

Even their pastries (like their cannoli and zeppole) are handmade using organic ingredients!

LOCATION: 21 Bellair St, Toronto, ON

ZAZA Espresso Bar

ZAZA is by the same people behind Coco Espresso Bar, and they’ve got several locations across Toronto where they serve up authentic Italian coffee and gelato.

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Their beans are hand-roasted in Italy by a 3rd-generation coffee roaster family using traditional artisan methods, and many of their baristas are even from Italy to give the full authentic experience!

You can find their Yorkville locations inside the Yorkville Village food court and on Cumberland Street.

LOCATION: 162 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON

Jacked Up Coffee

If you’re looking for a totally unique coffee experience in Yorkville, why not visit this adorable blue vintage truck?

You can grab some great coffee and snag a cute Instagram photo opp while you’re at it.

You can also find their other coffee trucks in the Financial District and in Liberty Village, and they’ve now got an actual café in Whitby!

LOCATION: 144 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON

Nespresso Boutique Bar

You can enjoy Nespresso brews at the café or shop at the boutique at their huge flagship location in Yorkville.

The decor is airy and modern, and they’ve even got a wall full of Nespresso pods!

Try something unique like their Dulce de Leche Coffee or Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Coffee, or even grab some delicious bites on their menu.

LOCATION: 159 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON

Best Yorkville coffee shops:

  1. Sorry Coffee Co
  2. Goldstruck Coffee
  3. A-OK Cafe
  4. Coco Espresso Bar
  5. ZAZA Espresso Bar
  6. Jacked Up Coffee
  7. Nespresso Boutique Bar

These were some of the best cafés and coffee shops to visit in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood!

What are some of your favourite coffee shops in the Yorkville neighbourhood? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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