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10 Best Coffee Shops in Toronto’s Kensington Market

10 Best Coffee Shops in Toronto’s Kensington Market

On the hunt for the best coffee shops in Kensington Market to visit?

Kensington Market is one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in all of Toronto, and it’s such a fun and vibrant area to explore.

There are so many fun things to do in Kensington Market – it’s actually one of my favourite areas to go vintage shopping!

If you’re looking for a quick coffee break in the midst of all your exploring, there are plenty of adorable cafés in the Kensington Market neighbourhood.

If you love coffee, you can even go café hopping at all the different coffee shops!

Here are some of the top Kensington Market coffee shops you absolutely must visit in Toronto.

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Best coffee shops in Kensington Market

FIKA Cafe, Toronto


Stop into this Nordic-inspired café in Kensington Market for your fix of coffee.

FIKA is probably most well-known for their Instagrammable book wall, but they’ve also got some fantastic espresso drinks as well.

FIKA Cafe in Kensington Market, Toronto

They serve up coffee from small-batch Canadian and international roasteries, as well as delectable pastries crafted in-house.

If you’re wondering what “fika” means, it’s a Swedish term for “coffee break”, and FIKA Café is the perfect spot for quick or long coffee breaks!

FIKA Cafe in Kensington Market, Toronto

You can also grab a pack of their frozen Swedish-style cinnamon buns to take home with you!

You’ll find them in their adorable and vibrant teal-coloured house on Kensington Avenue.

LOCATION: 28 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON

Jimmy's Coffee, Toronto

Jimmy’s Coffee

Jimmy’s is an iconic Toronto coffee chain known for their yellow cup lids.

They serve up locally-roasted coffee in traditional Italian style, and it’s some of the best coffee in the city.

They’ve got a unique mix of industrial and vintage decor in their Kensington Market café, and they’ve even got an expansive patio out back with plenty of greenery.

Their Kensington Market location is actually my fave to work from because it’s so spacious with tons of seating!

They also have an app where you can earn points towards rewards, kinda like the Starbucks app!

LOCATION: 191 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON

Moonbean Coffee Company

Moonbean is a small-batch coffee roaster and café in Kensington Market, and they roast all of their coffee in-house.

You’ll find a selection of fairtrade organic, direct trade, and seasonal coffees, and they even announce their roasting days on their website!

Aside from classic espresso and tea drinks, you’ll find specialties like flavoured lattes and blended coffee drinks.

They even have a variety of alternative milk options: oat, almond, coconut, soy, skim, and lactose-free!

They have a limited amount of seating inside the café, but they have both front and back patios during the summer months.

LOCATION: 30 St Andrew St, Toronto, ON

Vietnamese Egg Coffee from Coffee Dak Lak at Pacific Mall in Markham, Ontario

Coffee Dak Lak

Coffee Dak Lak is an amazing Vietnamese café in Toronto that serves up authentic Vietnamese coffee and bites.

You’ve probably had Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, but have you tried Egg Coffee?

Egg coffee is a Vietnamese specialty made with espresso and topped with custard (egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk), and it’s definitely a must-try if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

You can choose from an extensive list of Asian-inspired tea and coffee drinks that you won’t find anywhere else in Toronto, and even enjoy a banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) alongside it!

Their downtown location is near Kensington Market, and it’s actually their second location, with their first being in Pacific Mall.

LOCATION: 283 College St, Toronto, ON

Found Coffee

Found is also located just outside of Kensington Market, and they’ve got a super cute space.

You’ll find an extensive list of coffee and tea options on the menu, and all of their coffee is organic and ethically-sourced.

If you’re also looking for a bite to eat, they’ve got a small selection of drool-worthy toasts and oats!

The front of their café is adorable, the interior of their café is adorable, and their back patio is adorable.

LOCATION: 324 College St, Toronto, ON

Film Café in Toronto's Kensington Market

Film Cafe

This cozy and spacious café offers up creative eats and drinks at their rustic space in Kensington Market.

You’ll specifically find Japanese and Mexican street foods and Korean-inspired drinks on the menu, as well as a variety of fresh cake slices.

Film Café in Toronto's Kensington Market

I especially love Film Cafe’s unique drink selection, and they have seasonal offerings as well!

From their Smoked Marshmallow Mocha to their Pink Sakura Latte, they’ve got some really interesting drinks on the menu.

There’s actually quite a bit of seating inside the café, which is super nice!

They do have a 1-hour seating limit here, so it’s not a really laptop-friendly space, if that’s what you’re looking for.

During the summer months, you can also order from their takeout window, which is fun!

LOCATION: 230 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON

LOKUM – Sand Brewed Coffee

If you’re looking for a really unique coffee experience in Kensington Market, stop into LOKUM.

They serve up authentic Turkish coffee alongside sweet treats like Turkish delights, baklava with ice cream, and Nutella bombs.

They’re the only coffee shop in Toronto that brews coffee using sand. Yep, you heard that right!

How it works is that the coffee pot sits atop heated sand, which helps to heat the entire pot, as opposed to just the bottom.

This technique results in a better brew, and there’s more foam because of the evenly-distributed heat.

You can watch your Turkish coffee being brewed, which is really cool!

LOCATION: 75 Nassau St, Toronto, ON

Little Pebbles bakery in Toronto's Kensington Market neighbourhood

Little Pebbles

Little Pebbles is an artisanal bakery and café that serves up Asian-inspired drinks and French-inspired Japanese desserts.

They serve up coffee from local roaster De Mello Palheta, and they source high-quality Asian ingredients like black sesame, matcha, and hojicha straight from Japan.

Little Pebbles bakery in Toronto's Kensington Market neighbourhood
The Crème Brûlée Latte and Matcha Tiramisu Latte.

Grab one of their amazing freshly-baked treats to enjoy with fun drink creations like their Black Sesame Latte, Matcha Tiramisu Latte, or Crème Brûlée Latte!

If you’re a croissant lover, you’ll definitely want to peep out their endless selection of Asian-inspired croissants, including their epic Croissant Cubes, Supreme Croissants, and Croffles.

Little Pebbles bakery in Toronto's Kensington Market neighbourhood

There is a limited amount of seating in the café if you’re looking to dine in, and the decor is super cute.

Afterwards, pop into Shop404 next-door – it’s a unique gift shop with a lot of fun jewelry and cute items!

LOCATION: 160 Baldwin St #8, Toronto, ON

Voodoo Child Café in Toronto

Voodoo Child

Café by day and cocktail bar by night, Voodoo Child is a cool spot near Kensington Market.

This quaint little coffee shop and bar features chic wood details, perfect for all the rustic vibes.

They serve coffee from local roasters including De Mello Pahleta, and they offer snacks like nachos and sandwiches.

You can also get your espresso in a cool skull glass!

LOCATION: 388 College St, Toronto, ON

Café Pamenar

Café Pamenar is another hip spot in Kensington Market that operates as both a café and bar.

Enjoy all the classic espresso offerings like espressos and cappuccinos at this intimate spot.

You’ll also find a decent selection of teas, and they even list the origin of each one on the menu!

They have a gorgeous back patio during the summer months, which they actually convert into a winter patio during the colder months.

Keep in mind that they also have a “no laptops after 6 PM” rule!

LOCATION: 307 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON

Best coffee shops in Kensington Market:

  1. FIKA Café
  2. Jimmy’s Coffee
  3. Moonbean Coffee Company
  4. Coffee Dak Lak
  5. Found Coffee
  6. Film Cafe
  7. LOKUM – Sand Brewed Coffee
  8. Little Pebbles
  9. Voodoo Child
  10. Café Pamenar

These were some of the best cafés and coffee shops to visit in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighbourhood!

What are some of your favourite coffee shops in the Kensington Market neighbourhood? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Best coffee shops in Toronto's Kensington Market

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