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19 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Canada

19 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Canada

Just finished binge-watching Squid Game and looking for even more Korean dramas on Netflix Canada?

It was actually Crash Landing on You that got me into Korean dramas, and I think South Korea makes some of the best and most innovate TV series out there.

The more K-dramas I watch, the more I want to visit South Korea – it looks so beautiful, and the food all looks amazing!

It’s definitely on my bucket list to visit – especially Jeju Island.

Netflix Canada

Of course, we can’t all travel to South Korea that easily, and watching Korean shows at least makes up for it.

Here are some of the best Korean dramas to binge-watch on Netflix Canada, if you’re looking for some new shows to watch!

I’ve separated the shows by genres to make it easier to find things you’ll actually be interested in watching.

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Best Korean dramas on Netflix Canada

Best Drama Korean shows on Netflix Canada

Itaewon Class (2020)

Itaewon Class is probably my most favourite Korean drama of all-time.

Ex-con Park Sae-Ro-Yi fights to make his dreams a reality with the help of his friends.

This series is intense, exciting, emotional, and inspiring – it’s definitely worth the hype.

The soundtrack is also really good – I have it downloaded on Spotify 😉

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Extracurricular - Korean series on Netflix Canada

Extracurricular (2020)

A gifted high school student turns to a life of crime to help pay for college.

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If you liked the Netflix series Baby (I liked it until I found out it was based on true events), you’ll definitely like Extracurricular (which is purely fictional).

The actor who plays the main character, Dong-Hee Kim, also stars in Itaewon Class.

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

D.P. (2021)

Soon after joining the military, a young private becomes a D.P., hunting down army deserters and bringing them back.

It’s set in 2014, which apparently was a time where a lot of dark things were coming out about military life (according to Reddit).

A heavy theme in this K-drama is bullying and hazing, and it is incredibly heartbreaking to watch knowing that this stuff actually happens.

Apparently they started allowing soldiers to have cellphones sometime in 2019 or 2020, so bullying isn’t as bad as it used to be, which I guess is also why the series is set in 2014 and not today.

I had no expectations going into D.P. and it was such a fantastic drama series.

Everything about this show is absolutely on point: the writing, acting, casting, cinematography – everything.

They’ve also confirmed a season 2 will be coming, though with no set date yet!

The first season is only 6 episodes, but so much goes on in each episode that it doesn’t feel like just 6 episodes.

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Reflection of You (2021)

A successful painter’s life starts to fray after a former friend comes back into her life.

You don’t really know who to root for, which makes it really interesting!

TBH I’m not crazy about the lead actress (who smiles and laughs in the weirdest situations), but it doesn’t take too much away from the story.

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Romance K-dramas on Netflix Canada

Crash Landing on You (2020)

Crash Landing on You quickly became one of the most successful Korean dramas of all-time after it was released.

The series is about a South Korean heiress and CEO who accidentally paraglides her way into North Korea.

It’s a love story that has its teary and heartfelt moments.

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The production team was advised by actual North Korean defectors for the show, so it’s the closest portrayal to actual life in North Korea out there in the media.

Which is possibly part of why it’s become so popular!

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Business Proposal (2022)

Food researcher Ha-ri goes on a blind date in place of her best friend, but finds out that her date is actually her CEO boss.

Kim Se-jeong from Uncanny Counter stars as the lead in Business Proposal, which is super cute!

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Nevertheless (2021)

A cynical art student who doesn’t believe in love starts a friends-with-benefits relationship with a flirtatious classmate who doesn’t believe in relationships.

Nevertheless is a beautiful romance Korean drama, and it stars Han So Hee (the lead in My Name) and Song Kang (the main guy in Sweet Home)!

There are some pretty ~spicy~ scenes, which you usually don’t see in K-dramas.

The cinematography in this series is also stunning!

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)

After losing her job, a dentist moves to a seaside village where she meets a handyman who can pretty much do anything and everything.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is a super cute rom-com Korean drama!

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Fantasy K-dramas on Netflix Canada

The Uncanny Counter (2020)

Demon hunters pose as noodle shop employees while hunting down evil spirits and sending them to the afterlife.

The Uncanny Counter seems a little cheesy at first, but it’s actually a really good series.

And there are of course plenty of tearjerker moments, as with most K-dramas.

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Action & crime K-dramas on Netflix Canada

My Name (2021)

After her father is murdered, a young girl puts her trust in a crime boss to get revenge against her father’s killer.

My Name is action-packed and quite bloody, and it kinda reminds me of both John Wick and The Punisher, both also on Netflix.

Han So Hee from Nevertheless stars as the lead, and it’s so interesting seeing her in a completely different role (and killing it)!

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Beyond Evil (2021)

A murder happens in the small town of Munju that’s reminiscent of a cold case from 20 years earlier, and two detectives chase the truth behind it all.

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It’s kind of a slower watch, but that just means you get to know the characters a lot better.

The actors are also all amazing and have fantastic chemistry!

I’ve heard the series is even better when you rewatch it a second time and know everything that’s going on, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Sci-fi & thriller K-dramas on Netflix Canada

Squid Game (2021)

I think Squid Game is one of the best TV series to come out of 2021, and it’s probably my second favourite Korean drama series of all-time.

It’s about a group of people who compete in games against each other for a chance to win a large grand prize.

While it’s not scary, it’s got some pretty gory scenes!

A season two has been confirmed, though I personally think it would’ve been great as a single season.

If you enjoy Squid Game, there’s also a great Japanese show that’s quite similar called Alice in Borderland that’s also on Netflix!

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

The Silent Sea (2021)

During a 24-hour mission on the moon, a group of space explorers try to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility filled with classified secrets.

Bae Doona from Sense8 and Gong Yoo from Train to Busan (available on Prime Video) star in The Silent Sea!

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Horror K-dramas on Netflix Canada

Kingdom (2019-2020)

There are endless zombie films and TV series out there, but if we’re being honest, most of them are bleh.

Kingdom is a South Korean TV series set in ancient Korea, and it’ll have you clutching your blanket over your face.

In Kingdom, a mysterious plague makes its way through the kingdom while the crown prince tries to save his people.

Oh, and the zombies run fast, which is my worst nightmare when it comes to zombie shows.

It was actually the first ever South Korean Netflix Original series!

There’s also a movie in the same universe called Kingdom: Ashin of the North, which serves as a prequel to the whole series.

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2 seasons + 1 film available on Netflix, watch the trailer

All of Us Are Dead (2022)

Can’t get enough of all the zombies and gore?

All of Us Are Dead is mostly set in a suburban South Korean high school where the zombie virus originates, and surviving students try to stay alive while they wait for help.

I love that they reference Train to Busan (one of the most iconic zombie movies ever, also from South Korea) – you can watch it on Prime Video if you haven’t seen it.

The zombies also run super fast in this movie, and it’s just as gross as Kingdom.

The action in this series is fantastic, though some of the writing is a little odd at times.

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Hellbound (2021)

Supernatural creatures appear out of nowhere to send individuals to hell, giving rise to a religious cult called the New Truth.

The director, Yeon Sang-ho, also directed the popular zombie horror Train to Busan!

The show is only 6 episodes so it’s quite short, and I wish they’d made it longer and explained a bit more.

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Strangers from Hell (2019)

A young man moves into a cheap apartment with strange and suspicious residents, and everything starts to go downhill.

Strangers from Hell is a wild and anxiety-ridden ride, and it’s definitely not for people who easily get frightened by horror.

There are quite a few disturbing scenes, so maybe have a blanket close-by to cover your eyeballs when it gets too gross.

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Sweet Home - Korean series on Netflix Canada
A scene from the Korean series Sweet Home on Netflix.

Sweet Home (2020)

As humans turn into monsters, a troubled teen and his neighbours fight them off and try to survive.

With all the zombie movies out there, Sweet Home is an interesting and different take!

Zombies do seem more realistic (lol) than turning into monsters that represent your desires, but it’s still a good watch.

Song Kang from Nevertheless stars as the lead character!

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Goedam (2020)

Goedam is a creepy anthology series with each episode focusing on a different Korean urban legend.

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The stories sort of all come together by the end, and it’s quite gory.

I’m honestly surprised I haven’t heard anything about it before – I stumbled across it one day from browsing Netflix!

1 season available on Netflix, watch the trailer

Best Korean dramas on Netflix Canada:

  1. Itaewon Class
  2. Extracurricular
  3. D.P.
  4. Reflection of You
  5. Crash Landing on You
  6. Business Proposal
  7. Nevertheless
  8. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
  9. The Uncanny Counter
  10. My Name
  11. Beyond Evil
  12. Squid Game
  13. The Silent Sea
  14. Kingdom
  15. All of Us Are Dead
  16. Hellbound
  17. Strangers from Hell
  18. Sweet Home
  19. Goedam

These were some of the best and most binge-worthy Korean dramas to watch on Netflix Canada!

Of course, there are plenty more K-dramas you can watch on Netflix Canada, and I’m continually adding more shows as I discover them.

If you’re into romance reality shows, you’ll definitely enjoy Single’s Inferno, which is sort of like a crossover between Too Hot to Handle and Terrace House (all shows are also on Netflix).

You can also watch the Oscar-winning Parasite movie on Netflix.

Are you a fan of Korean dramas? What are your favourite K-dramas on Netflix Canada? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Best Korean dramas on Netflix Canada


Saturday 9th of April 2022

I'm still waiting for Goedam Season 2 to come to Netlix Canada as I really loved Season 1. Any word on when Goedam Season 2 will come to Canada?