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10 Best Restaurants in Thornhill

10 Best Restaurants in Thornhill

Searching for the best restaurants in Thornhill to visit?

Super interesting thing I never knew until I looked it up today: the west part of Thornhill is part of Vaughan, while the east part of Thornhill is part of Markham!

So Thornhill isn’t actually its own city, and it’s rather its own community divided between both Vaughan and Markham.

Anyway, here are some of the best restaurants and places to eat in Thornhill, Ontario!

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Best restaurants in Thornhill

Cho Sun Ok

Cho Sun Ok has been serving up home-style Korean food in Thornhill for almost two decades, and they’ve actually expanded their restaurant twice over the years to accommodate more seating!

I love that they have unique dishes you won’t typically find at other Korean restaurants in the GTA, like their Soondae (homemade Korean sausage) and Naengmyun (cold arrowroot noodles).

Of course, you’ll also find Korean comfort food faves like Bibimbap and Bulgogi!

LOCATION: 7353 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON

KingKong Tteokbokki

This cozy and modern Korean restaurant specializes in tteokbokki, with options like their Spicy Tteokbokki, Cheese Tteokbokki, and Green Onion Chicken Tteokbokki!

You can even add various toppings to your tteokbokki for an extra fee, including an egg, ramen noodles, and pork belly.

You’ll also find sides like Hot Chicken Feet and Garlic Butter Seasoned Fries!

I love that they’ve got King Kong artwork on the menus and even the walls for all the fun vibes.

LOCATION: 7325 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON

Ani Ristorante

Have you ever tried Armenian food?

Ani Ristorante serves up authentic Armenian and Mediterranean cuisine in Thornhill.

They’ve got all kinds of delicious dishes like their Kutabi (Armenian-style savoury crepes), Eggplant Rolls, and Lula Kebab (with ground beef and lamb)!

LOCATION: 1450 Clark Ave W, Thornhill, ON

Yorokobi Japanese Restaurant

If you’re looking for a nice sushi spot in Thornhill, Yorokobi is the restaurant to visit.

The sashimi is fresh, their rolls are delicious, and everything is beautifully plated.

They have plenty of unique specialty rolls and cooked dish options, and they’ve also got aburi hako sushi (AKA torched pressed sushi)!

I love the modern and woody interior, and they’ve also got beautiful Japanese artwork as decor.

LOCATION: 7771 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON

Hub Sushi Fusion Japanese Restaurant

Hub is a Japanese fusion restaurant serving up fresh sushi rolls and izakaya bites.

They’ve got a large selection of unique specialty rolls, like their Salmon Meets Garlic (with shrimp tempura, cream cheese, salmon, garlic butter, and more) and BTS Roll (with salmon, 3 kinds of tuna, shrimp, jalapeño, tobiko, and more)!

If you’ve got any dietary restrictions, you can opt for rice paper, brown rice, or soybean paper for sushi rolls rather than white rice and seaweed.

You’ll also find a selection of Korean dishes like Donkatsu, Bulgogi, and LA Kalbi!

LOCATION: 7398 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON

All-you-can-eat-sushi from Aji Sai Japanese Restaurant in Thornhill, Ontario

Aji Sai Japanese Restaurant

My family has been going to Aji Sai for years, and it’s our favourite spot for all-you-can-eat-sushi in York Region.

They have a huge variety of sushi and cooked food, which is great if you like ordering a bunch of different dishes to try!

The service honestly ain’t very friendly and they do skimp out on some ingredients when you place multiples of the same order, but the food is pretty good and decent quality for AYCE.

I’d recommend ordering everything you want in the first round, then ordering extra stuff if you’re still hungry!

I also like that you order everything from an iPad, and the food comes out super quickly.

LOCATION: 8206 Bayview Ave, Thornhill, ON

Ramona’s Kitchen

In the mood for some good ol’ brunch?

Ramona’s is a homey spot in Thornhill that serves up all-day breakfast.

You’ll find all kinds of hearty and drool-worthy brunch dishes, like their Schnitzel Benedict, Challah French Toast, and Brunch Burger.

LOCATION: 7355 Bayview Ave Unit 2, Thornhill, ON

Santo’s Italian Cuisine

Santo’s is your spot for authentic Italian eats in Thornhill.

You’ll find plenty of pasta options, whether you’re feeling tomato, vodka, white wine, or cream sauce!

They’ve even got gluten-free pasta if you’ve got dietary restrictions.

The moody and traditional interior of their restaurant makes it quite romantic, and their front summer patio is lovely as well!

LOCATION: 10 Royal Orchard Blvd, Thornhill, ON


If you love steak and you love seafood, you’ll want to visit this fine dining spot in Thornhill.

Their menu changes up seasonally, and you’ll find dishes like Grilled Octopus, Beef Carpaccio, and Grilled Branzino Filet.

For seafood lovers, you’ll definitely want to order the Grilled Seafood Platter for two, which comes with grilled lobster, prawns, calamari, and colossal king crab.

They’ve got several different cuts of steak you can choose from, including Japanese A5 Wagyu and porterhouse!

The interior of the restaurant is absolutely stunning, and they’ve also got a lovely patio during the warmer months.

LOCATION: 8199 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON


If you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant in Thornhill, you’ll want to pay a visit to Frilu.

Frilu was the only restaurant outside of Toronto to earn a Michelin Star on the 2022 Toronto Michelin Guide, which is amazing!

Their $260 contemporary Canadian tasting menu features Asian influences and focuses on quality and seasonal ingredients.

The coolest thing about this spot? They source ingredients from their own farm for a true farm-to-table experience!

LOCATION: 7713 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON

Best restaurants in Thornhill:

  1. Cho Sun Ok
  2. KingKong Tteokbokki
  3. Ani Ristorante
  4. Yorokobi Japanese Restaurant
  5. Hub Sushi Fusion Japanese Restaurant
  6. Aji Sai Japanese Restaurant
  7. Ramona’s Kitchen
  8. Santo’s Italian Cuisine
  9. Terra
  10. Frilu

These were some of the best restaurants in Thornhill to eat at!

Have you been to any of these restaurants in Thornhill? What are some of your favourite restaurants in the area? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Best restaurants in Thornhill, Ontario
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