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10 Tip-Free Restaurants in Toronto

10 Tip-Free Restaurants in Toronto

On the hunt for the best tip-free restaurants in Toronto to visit?

You’ve probably been hearing all about “tip fatigue” in the last year or two, and if we’re being honest, tipping culture in Toronto has kinda gotten out of control.

To me, it makes sense to tip when being waited on at restaurants, and most particularly for good service.

I kinda understand tipping at coffee shops, though it’s wild that coffee ends up being around $10 when you factor in the already-high prices, the exorbitant fees for non-dairy milks, tax, and then tip.

However, there are plenty of situations where tipping is totally unnecessary, and I’m sure you’ve experienced them.

It’s a tough situation on all sides: employees aren’t being paid enough to live in an insanely expensive city like Toronto, customers are frustrated with having to foot another 20% on top of already sky-high prices from inflation, and employers are dealing with rising costs of everything involved in running a business.

I really don’t know what the solution is, but if you’re frustrated with tipping culture, here are some of the best tip-free restaurants to dine at in Toronto.

Tipping is either optional or discouraged at all of these spots, and employees are actually paid a fair wage!

There’s actually even a directory called the Ontario Living Wage Network, where you can see all the employers paying their staff a living wage.

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Tip-free restaurants in Toronto

Bampot Bohemian House Of Tea And Board Games

Bampot is a cute and cozy teahouse and board game café located in Harbord Village.

You pay hourly to use the space, which is $12 for the first 2 hours and $6 for every additional hour.

The price also includes unlimited tea and coffee, which is super nice!

While they’re not a full-on restaurant, they do have some delicious food options, like their Bampot McEggplant, Pear & Brie Sammich, and Mushroom Toast.

Most items on their menu are also vegan and gluten-free, which is great for my friends with dietary restrictions.

Their staff gets paid a living wage of $25 an hour plus benefits, and they’ve completely eliminated tips!

LOCATION: 201 Harbord St, Toronto, ON

Emma’s Country Kitchen

Emma’s is a beloved Toronto brunch spot serving up some of the best pancakes in the city.

A lot of their ingredients are prepared in-house, from their freshly-baked biscuits to their house-cured meats.

If you’re visiting with a group, definitely order the Pancake Party Pack to share.

It features 4 sides of Emma’s signature pancakes, including Cinnamon Bun, Gingerbread, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Buttermilk!

Emma’s also pays their staff a living wage, and so while they do accept tips if you wish to tip, their staff don’t rely on tips to supplement their income.

Emma’s Country Kitchen is a Certified Living Wage Employer on the Ontario Living Wage Network.

LOCATION: 810 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON

Naan & Kabob, one of the best Afghan restaurants in Toronto

Naan & Kabob

Naan & Kabob is a must-visit spot for anyone who enjoys the strong and savoury flavours of Afghan cuisine.

You’ll find a variety of traditional Afghan dishes, all made using preservative-free halal ingredients.

Naan & Kabob, one of the best Afghan restaurants in Toronto

They’ve also got vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

I’d recommend sharing at least an appetizer or two, but the plates are definitely filling enough on their own.

Naan & Kabob, one of the best Afghan restaurants in Toronto
The Bolanee is a lightly grilled naan stuffed with potatoes, green onions, and herbs, and served with a side of homemade yogurt. It’s heavenly.
Naan & Kabob, one of the best Afghan restaurants in Toronto
The Mantu (dumplings) are super flavourful and delicious.
Naan & Kabob, one of the best Afghan restaurants in Toronto
The fried pita chips in the Fattoush Salad are addictive.
N&K Grill plate at Naan & Kabob, one of the best Toronto Afghan restaurants
The NK Grill Din features tandoori chicken, shami kabob, and chicken breast.

They’ve also got some interesting drinks, like the Doogh (a traditional mint yogurt drink).

It has a very unique and sour taste, which definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, the Mango Smoothie is delicous!

Naan & Kabob, one of the best Afghan restaurants in Toronto
Double fisting it with the Doogh and Mango Smoothie.

You can also enjoy their Blended Tea (a mix of different teas and spices) with your meal, and finish it off with some deliciously sweet Baklava.

This family-owned restaurant brand has several locations across the GTA, and their restaurant locations are absolutely stunning.

I love their contemporary downtown space at Yonge & Bloor in Yorkville, which even features a modern communal tearoom with gorgeous and vibrant decor!

Naan & Kabob, one of the best Afghan restaurants in Toronto
Their downtown location has an Afghan tearoom on the second floor.

And one of the nicest things about Naan & Kabob: they operate as a no-tipping restaurant, and their prices are pretty reasonable.

LOCATION: Various locations

Sarang Kitchen

Eat good and support good at this amazing and inclusive social enterprise restaurant near Dufferin Station that also operates on a no-tipping basis.

Sarang Kitchen offers up delicious and crispy Korean fried chicken alongside fusion Korean dishes like their Mayo Corn Cheese and Bulgogi Chorrillana.

Their chicken is also halal, which is fantastic for my friends who eat halal!

Of course, they’ve also got a selection of local and imported beers, soju, and soju cocktails to enjoy alongside your KFC.

Best of all, they employ neurodiverse staff who are on the spectrum or have learning disabilities, to give them job opportunities and raise awareness about neurodiversity!

Another awesome thing they have is a multi-sensory room, which is a safe space for their staff or dining guests.

Sarang is co-owned by an autism specialist and a chef, who met and fell in love in New Zealand, and decided to open a restaurant in Toronto!

LOCATION: 1056 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON

Beast Pizza

If you’re craving some pizza, hit up Beast Pizza in the King West neighbourhood.

They serve up upscale and fusion pizzas, with unique options like their Aloo Gobi, Tongue & Bacon, and Beef Heart Tartare Pizza.

They’ve also got delicious appetizers like their Kimchi Olives and their Cheesy Garlic Bone Marrow with Rosemary & Sea Salt Bread.

They pay all of their employees a living wage, and all staff gets paid an equal amount!

Beast Pizza is a Certified Living Wage Employer on the Ontario Living Wage Network.

LOCATION: 96 Tecumseth St, Toronto, ON

Barque BBQ Smokehouse in Toronto's Roncesvalles

Barque Smokehouse

A staple in Roncesvalles for over a decade, Barque serves up some of the best BBQ in Toronto.

They don’t have a particularly huge menu, but they do serve up really incredible dishes.

The Sampler for Two is a great option where you can take your pick of starter, meats, and sides, and their Meet Meat Platter is an epic feast that serves 4 to 6 people.

Barque BBQ Smokehouse in Toronto's Roncesvalles
The Charred Cabbage Chips and Charred Broccoli Salad.

You’ll also find fun and unique starters and sides like their Smoked Duck Tacos, Smokey Dill Pickle Slaw, and Southern Collard Greens.

Owner David Neinstein traveled all around North America to try the best BBQ restaurants before opening up Barque, and something he noticed was that menus weren’t really balanced with veggies.

That’s why you’ll find delicious vegetable pairings on the menu, like The Charred Cabbage Chips and Charred Broccoli Salad!

They’re open every single day for dinner, and you can also enjoy brunch on weekends – their Smoked Duck Pancakes are a must-try.

They operate as a full-wage restaurant, and they add an automatic 18% gratuity to your bill rather than asking for tips.

Barque Smokehouse is a Certified Living Wage Employer on the Ontario Living Wage Network.

LOCATION: 299 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON

Then and Now Restaurant

This Parkdale restaurant serves up elevated Asian fusion cuisine, with unique dishes like their Ricotta Dumplings and Sous Vide Grilled Octopus.

They also serve up fantastic cocktails, perfect for pairing with your meal.

Then and Now pays a livable wage to their employees, so tipping isn’t required!

You can visit them for dinner from Wednesday through Saturday at their restaurant on Queen West.

LOCATION: 1316 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

Avelo Restaurant

You’ll find internationally-inspired, locally-sourced vegan fare at this gorgeous restaurant in Yorkville.

The restaurant is housed in a heritage Victorian building, and they’ve beautifully blended contemporary elements with Victorian details.

Choose between 5 or 8-course seasonal tasting menus, or head upstairs to Bar Avelo for craft cocktails and an a la carte food menu.

Prices range from $70 to $135 for their plant-based tasting menus, depending on number of courses and time of week that you visit.

Optional wine pairings are also available for $45 or $75, depending on whether you choose 5 or 8 courses.

They’re able to accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions, and they always have gluten-free options!

They also add a service charge to your bill rather than asking for tips, but you can still tip on top of your bill if you want to.

LOCATION: 51 St Nicholas St, Toronto, ON

Richmond Station

Richmond Station is a super nice fine dining restaurant in the Financial District, and they serve up incredible Canadian-inspired dishes.

They offer a $140 tasting menu that changes up bi-weekly, and it features dishes made using local and seasonal ingredients.

Beverage pairings are also available for an additional $89 for wine or $55 for non-alcoholic.

If you’re not in the mood for a tasting menu, they’ve also got plenty of a-la-carte options you can order instead.

They can also accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dietary restrictions with their Chef’s Menu, which is really nice.

All of Richmond Station’s menu prices include cost of service, so tips are totally discouraged!

LOCATION: 1 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON

Edulis Restaurant

Edulis is another amazing fine dining restaurant in Toronto, and they actually earned one Michelin Star on the Toronto Michelin Guide, which is really cool!

This King West restaurant is owned by a husband-and-wife team, and they put a heavy focus on seasonal ingredients for their Mediterranean-inspired set menu.

Seafood, vegetables, and seasonal ingredients are the highlights of their multi-course menus, which are $100 per person for lunch or $200 per person for dinner.

They work closely with farmers, fishers, foragers, and suppliers to source the best ingredients, which is amazing!

They also operate on a no-tipping basis, and reservations must be prepaid in advance on Tock.

LOCATION: 169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON

Tip-free restaurants in Toronto:

  1. Bampot Bohemian House Of Tea And Board Games
  2. Emma’s Country Kitchen
  3. Naan & Kabob
  4. Sarang Kitchen
  5. Beast Pizza
  6. Barque Smokehouse
  7. Then and Now Restaurant
  8. Avelo Restaurant
  9. Richmond Station
  10. Edulis Restaurant

These were some of the best tip-free restaurants to check out in Toronto!

Some don’t accept tips at all, some do accept tips if you wish to tip, and some add a service charge to your bill.

Have you been to any of these tip-free restaurants in Toronto? What are your thoughts on tipping culture in Toronto? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Tip-free restaurants in Toronto

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