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11 Best Dessert Places in Scarborough

11 Best Dessert Places in Scarborough

Searching for the best dessert places in Scarborough to visit?

Adam and I are big dessert lovers, and we’re always on the hunt for the best dessert places to visit in the GTA.

Scarborough has an incredibly diverse food scene, and you can even see this reflected in all the dessert offerings!

Here are some of the best dessert places to hit up in Scarborough, whether you’re craving decadent macarons or silky soft serve ice cream.

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Best dessert places in Scarborough

Evana Pâtisserie & Café in Scarborough

Evana Pâtisserie & Café

Evana was founded by an alumni of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, which is one of the best cooking schools in the world!

So of course, you can expect to find some dang incredible pastries here.

They make some of the best croissants in Toronto, and their Asian-inspired croissants are perfectly flaky and crispy, and oh-so-delicious.

Their decadent Milk Tea Supreme Croissant is topped with a chocolate coating and stuffed with a generous amount of not-too-sweet milk tea cream.

We also loved their Ube Coconut Croissant, which also had a generous amount of ube cream.

If you’re in the mood for afternoon tea, this chic patisserie and café also offers a great afternoon tea for $49 per person.

They’re located in the Midland & Finch area, and there’s plenty of seating if you’re looking to enjoy your desserts in the café.

It’s also gorgeous inside, so you can take all of the cute Instagram photo opps!

LOCATION: 390 Silver Star Blvd Unit 118, Scarborough, ON

Daan Go Cake Lab in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Daan Go Cake Lab

Daan Go is most well-known in Toronto for their adorable character macarons, but they’ve also got incredible cakes, cookies, ice cream, and even drinks.

A lot of their desserts feature Asian-inspired flavours, whether you’re craving Vietnamese coffee or durian.

Character macarons from Daan Go Cake Lab in Richmond Hill, Ontario
Macarons from left to right: white peach, salted caramel, black sesame, blueberry, HK milk tea, Vietnamese coffee.

A lot of their cakes are topped with their delicious macarons, and they’ve even got fun shaped mini cakes like their Lucky Duck and Ramen Bowl!

They’ve got a whole range of cute and creative creations, and they’ve even got lucky cat smash cakes that are perfect for gifting.

Owner Christopher Siu first starred on season 2 of MasterChef Canada, and he came back for season 7 and won the title of MasterChef!

Also, if you’re wondering what daan go means, it’s “cake” in Cantonese.

You can find Daan Go’s bake shop by Midland & Finch, and they’ve even got locations downtown and in Richmond Hill (watch my TikTok video here).

LOCATION: 3380 Midland Ave Unit 11, Scarborough, ON

Macarons from Oishiii Sweets Cafe in Scarborough

Oishiii Sweets Cafe

Find the cutest Japanese-inspired treats at Oishiii Sweets Cafe.

From cakes, to sugar cookies, to mochi donuts, they’ve got plenty of adorable and delicious sweet treats for you to enjoy.

Their macarons are truly amaze, and they definitely have some of the best in the GTA.

The owner loves alpacas and mushrooms, and you’ll see plenty of alpaca and mushroom-shaped decor in their cozy space!

They even offer baking classes if you’re looking for a fun activity to do in Scarborough.

And if you’re wondering what oishi means, it’s “delicious” in Japanese!

LOCATION: 3376 Kennedy Rd Unit 2, Scarborough, ON

Kanae Cafe

Hit up this Japanese-inspired pastry café for their heavenly cream choux pastries, also known as cream puffs.

Their Japanese cream choux pastries are crunchy on the outside and filled with decadent cream, and this style of pastry is a big food trend in Asia right now!

They’ve got a variety of unique Asian-inspired flavours you can choose from, including Kyoho Grape, Uji Matcha, or Ube Cheesecake.

Aside from their cream choux pastries, they also offer delicious cakes made with traditional Japanese flavours and French pastry techniques.

LOCATION: 390 Silver Star Blvd Unit 111, Scarborough, ON

Lamanna’s Bakery

Lamanna’s is probably most well-known for their ginormous slices of pizza, but they’ve also got fantastic cakes, cannolis, and more.

This authentic Italian bakery and pizzeria serves up generations of family recipes mixed with more contemporary ideas, and you’ll find eccentric creations like their pizza cakes.

They’ve even got delicious and creamy gelato if you’re looking to enjoy a cold treat.

You can find them in Scarborough near the Toronto Zoo!

LOCATION: 6758 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON

Cheese Garden North York, Toronto

Cheese Garden

If you love Japanese cheesecakes, you’ll definitely want to stop into Cheese Garden for their delicious variety of Japanese cakes and pastries.

You’ll find classic Japanese cheesecakes, double fromage cheesecakes, and even baked cheese tarts at Cheese Garden.

They also frequently have seasonal offerings, including white peach and sakura cakes in the spring!

Cheese Garden North York, Toronto

If you’re thirsty, you can also pair your cake with one of their Asian-inspired drinks, including their Blended Iced Strawberry Cheesecake and their Iced Matcha Latte.

They’ve also got a location in North York near Yonge & Finch.

LOCATION: 3250 Midland Ave Unit G120, Scarborough, ON

Mochi donuts from Mochi Doh in Scarborough, Ontario

Mochi Doh

If you’ve never tried mochi donuts before, you’re about to be in heaven.

Mochi Doh’s mochi donuts are made in fresh batches throughout the day, and their flavours change up every 3 weeks.

Some of the flavours in their current lineup include Strawberry Crunch and Earl Grey, and they also have croffles and mochi waffles on their menu.

You can find their bakery just south of Kennedy & Steeles.

We actually discovered Mochi Doh at their Night it Up! booth in Markham, and we were literally in heaven when we tried their mochi donuts!

LOCATION: 3376 Kennedy Road, Unit 3, Scarborough, ON

Snow Time

Indulge in bingsu at Snow Time, a Korean dessert made up of shaved ice and various toppings.

Enjoy Asian bingsu flavours like the Injeolmi or Matcha Red Bean, or go for something more simple like the Strawberry or Choco Banana!

They’ve also got some sweet toasts and savoury Korean fried chicken on the menu.

You’ll even find some drink options, like their fruity sodas and espresso and tea drinks, perfect for pairing with your bingsu.

LOCATION: 3290 Midland Ave #10, Scarborough, ON

Dear & Fro

Dear & Fro is another amazing Korean bingsu spot, and they’ve also got an extensive selection of bubble tea and drinks.

Alongside options like Injeolmi and Matcha Red Bean, they’ve got a wide variety of bingsu options, including their Thai Milk Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, and Earl Grey Milk Tea.

They even offer up daily specials, where you can get 50% off the bingsu flavour of the day.

You’ll also find some other sweet and savoury dishes on the menu, including Korean noodle soups, mochi waffles, and toasts.

Their space is super cute with pretty hanging lights, quilted banquette seating, and even a full-on plant wall with a neon sign!

LOCATION: 3300 Midland Ave #39, Scarborough, ON

Ube Halo Halo from Mango Like Desserts at Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill, Ontario
Ube Halo Halo, a Filipino-inspired treat.

Mango Like Desserts

For my mango lovers out there, this spot’s for you.

Mango Like Desserts is all about their mangoes, with a variety of offerings inspired by dishes around the world.

You’ll find desserts like their signature Mango Pockets, which are pillowy crepes stuffed with whipped cream and fresh fruits and purées.

They’ve even got non-dairy whipped cream, which is great for my plant-based friends.

You’ll also find other delicious mango-filled desserts like their Mango Mille-Crêpe Cake, Mango Sticky Rice, and Mango Fruta Picada (a sweet and spicy Mexican-inspired treat).

Everything is handmade using fresh fruits, so all their desserts taste super fresh!

LOCATION: 328 Passmore Ave Unit 9, Toronto, ON

Honeymoon Dessert in Markham, Ontario

Honeymoon Dessert

In the mood for Hong Kong-style desserts?

If you’re into Hong Kong-style fruit pancakes (stuffed with whipped cream and fresh fruit) and sago soup, you’ll love the desserts at Honeymoon.

They have plenty of delicious dessert soups to choose from!

Ube BongBong Eggette from Honeymoon Dessert in Markham, Ontario
Their BongBong Eggettes are skewered Hong Kong waffles.

They also have Hong Kong waffles on skewers in unique flavours like ube and salted egg yolk, and you can even order a side of ice cream to enjoy ’em with.

Ube Almond Latte from Honeymoon Dessert in Markham, Ontario
The Ube Almond Latte is a great winter drink, and it’s caffeine-free.

You’ll also find seasonal offerings like their delicious Ube Almond Latte.

Honeymoon Dessert is a Hong Kong-based dessert chain with locations all over Hong Kong and China, and I actually tried it for the first time in Hong Kong.

Honeymoon Dessert in Markham, Ontario

They share their Scarborough space with Taiwanese bubble tea chain Kung Fu Tea, so you can also enjoy a bubble tea alongside your dessert.

They’ve also got their flagship location in Markham, which has a gorgeous and super Instagrammable interior!

LOCATION: 2361 Brimley Rd Unit D105A, Scarborough, ON

Best dessert places in Scarborough:

  1. Evana Pâtisserie & Café
  2. Daan Go Cake Lab
  3. Oishiii Sweets Cafe
  4. Kanae Cafe
  5. Lamanna’s Bakery
  6. Cheese Garden
  7. Mochi Doh
  8. Snow Time
  9. Dear & Fro
  10. Mango Like Desserts
  11. Honeymoon Dessert

These were some of the best dessert places to visit in Scarborough, no matter what kind of sweet treat you’re in the mood for.

Have you visited any of these dessert spots in Scarborough? What are some other great dessert places worth visiting in Scarborough? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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Best dessert spots in Scarborough

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